Shakti Power- The Female Force

Many ancient cultures had traditions that exalted the female force. Woman was considered the embodiment of sensuality and the guardian of the creative force. From her all life came and so the cultures honoured her initiatory power. As every human being is born through the yoni, the yoni was worshipped.

Men would go to pray to the yoni in temples where there were huge rocks carved into the shape of a yoni. Today most men appreciate yoni, but praying to it, that’s another issue! The yoni was seen as a source of all life, it was honoured and I imagine that women in these ancient cultures felt very good about their yonis and their sexual energy.

Women Appreciation in the World of Tantra

In Hindu mythology the goddess Shakti represents the female principle, the female energy. This female force or shakti exists in both men and women, but women are the guardians of the shakti energy. In Tantric writings a woman’s sexual and spiritual energy is often referred to as shakti energy. In Tantric writings from ancient India the power of the shakti has no bounds, it is limitless. This spiritual/sexual force, once awakened, brings out the goddess nature in women and empowers them. Once a man and a woman appreciate what the shakti energy is, then as a couple they can source this limitless forcelearn to recognise it, awaken it and channel it creatively.

Woman’s shakti energy has been suppressed for more than two thousand years and it is only now re-awakening. The first real awakening of the shakti began about thirty years ago when, with the liberation movement, women’s energy started to be felt strongly in the world. Women expanded their influence into business, politics and spiritual pursuits, but this was only the first level of the awakening. Now many women are moving on from the liberation movement towards the awakening of the archetypal goddess or priestess within. This doesn’t negate their efforts in business, politics or other public arenas. They simply use less male energy in these pursuits and focus instead on the interconnectedness and relationship of things, with greater emphasis on ecology than economy.

Soon the true shakti will emerge from within women and heal the world of what is happening to it now. It’s a force that must be awakened at this point in our history. Men and women will start to work more with the shakti energy, the feminine energy, in order to create more harmony in the world.

Why was woman’s shakti energy suppressed for more than two millennium? One explanation is that man became frightened of the intensity of woman’s sexual energy, so suppressed her power. Men and women both need to learn how to rekindle woman’s dormant sexual energy, and not to be afraid of it, but rather to embrace it and rejoice in it. When a woman awakens her sexual energy, often her spiritual energy is awakened as well. She becomes more in touch with her divine essence, her goddess nature. Some men practise celibacy to reach their spiritual enlightenment, but according to Tantric texts, the path to woman’s spiritual enlightenment is through the electric charge of her orgasmic energy.

Women are becoming more orgasmic nowadays, more comfortable with their sexual energy, and this is only the beginning of their awakening. Women’s orgasmic energy is potentially unlimited.

By Kerry Riley, Tantric Master –