What is Tantric Sex?

Many men and women ask ‘What is Tantric sex?’ , Tantric sex came from ancient India & Tibet and a similar approach came from China called Taoist sexology.

It is written in the ancient texts of China and India that it was common for emperors, kings and noblemen trained in the art of lovemaking to be passionately making love in their nineties, with up to twenty consorts or lovers, all of whom they were keeping sexually satisfied. In the ruling class a man’s power and respect were judged by the number of consorts he could keep satisfied. A husband was respected more for keeping his wife sexually satisfied than for anything else. In the ancient cultures of Egypt, Arabia, India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Japan polygamy was common, so it was essential for a man to know the art of lovemaking.

The ancient sexual secrets of India are revealed in Sanskrit texts, where it is written that the emperor should make love to nine chosen consorts every night, progressing from the lower ranks to the higher. ‘Retaining his semen by proficiency in the Art of Love, the Emperor concentrates powers within. Then, at the full moon, he bestows his seed on the Queen of Heaven.’

A child born from such a ritual was supposed to have magical powers.

In the new millennium What is tantric sex?

What can we learn from thiese ancient practices ? Most men these days ejaculate within the first fifteen minutes. They wouldn’t have commanded much respect in ancient China. This shows us how much our education and proficiency in the art of lovemaking is lacking. Yet every man has the ability to master these sexual skills, being Tantra or Taoist sex skills and techniques.

You can learn to make sex a meditation experience to take you and your woman into higher states of bliss. You can learn to have long lasting sex – master premature ejaculation, maintain virility – maintain the strength, learn to take your woman into higher states of orgasm. Pleasure beyond what we normally expect and experience. Why? How? Because you have taken extraordinary steps to become an extraordinary lover. There are so many education, books, course, TV shows about how to be a fabulous cook, why not how to be a fabulous lover. Using the food  analogy, going beyong fast food, convenience food, exploring  creating gourmet food or  slow food or divine food.  It is a passion that is inspired by the passion and vitality of supurb lovemaking.  Read more in Sexual Secrets for Men.