Tantra Massage, more than an erotic massage, learn tantric skills to use with a partner.

The  Goddess  gives you an erotic Tantric Massage experience  in the 3rd session of the program. But more than that, she shows you some Tantric massage skills that you can use on your partner or the next woman you are in a sexual situation with. The Tantra massage she gives you is not purely for erotic sexual gratification. Many people can give you a Tantric massage with that as the goal. What the Tantra Goddess does in these Tantra Sessions has a focus on certain outcomes like:

  • That you leave with skills to last longer. That you master ‘premature ejaculation’ control if that’s an issue for you.
  • That you learn how to connect sexuality with heartfelt experience which you can then take to your lover. Most women like heartfelt connection – not just a performing stud!
  • That you learn the skill of how to create a multiple orgasmic experience for yourself and your partner. A man can learn to orgasm like a woman – have a release but not loose semen or energy and thus build sexual virility – lasting power. You need an experienced teacher to learn this amazing Tantra technique not just a sensual massage focused on getting you to come – any practitioner can do that.

Tantra massage as given by the Goddess trained with Tantra Education Australia P/L and Australian School of Tantra is not just laying there and having “pull and tug” as its often called. How can you use that with your woman? It’s form more than that! It’s an awesome experience physically, emotionally and spiritually, and you can use what you have learned in normal lovemaking after you leave. It becomes of great benefit for you and your partner, what can be wrong with that.

Tantric-Massage-and-Valley-OrgasmTantra Massage: Receiving

Learning to receive sensual pleasure and increase your pleasure threshold, (most men ejaculate because they cannot take any more pleasure). She will guide you in using the skills of Tantric breathing to keep you in the moment, and not focusing on the result.

Also she will show you how to spread the sexual energy you are feeling through the whole body, through all the chakras. Also how to communicate what you want in a positive way, which is especially important for Session 3 to get the most pleasure possible. You will be practicing all the skills you learned in Session 1, so it is a sexually heartfelt, sacred experience for you and the Goddess.

Tantra Massage: Giving

Learning how to give sensual pleasure to your woman through tantric massage with the focus off orgasm and onto pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Because if a woman feels as if you are putting pressure on her to orgasm, and that’s where your focus is, then it can make it even more difficult for her to orgasm. What you learn here is also a fabulous foreplay technique that your partner will love. So in Session 2 she will be pleasuring you, and you will be pleasuring her. How’s that sound?


Tantra Massage: Bring a Partner and learn Couples together.

You can even bring your partner to a Tantra Massage training so you can both learn. Some men experience the 3 sessions first including Tantric massage then bring their partners along.

Others want to learn it so they can use it with their partner. But they would want to let the partner know where they learned, so they show them the book, Sexual Secrets for Men, that is given as part of session 1 or the DVD: The Secrets of Sacred Sex, and the woman gets the idea at least, and then you can give her a real experience of what a Tantra Massage feels like (because you have learned with a qualified tantra goddess).

So a major outcome of you receiving and giving a tanta massage with the Tantra Goddess is that you can use the skills after you leave and throughout your life.So, if you want an erotic Tantra massage simply for sexual gratification, then you would be best looking elsewhere other than tantragoddessdirectory.com

If you want the real thing and something you can use after you leave, then try the Tantra sessions with one of the Tantra Goddess’s on tantragoddessdirectory.