The Tao of Love

The Ancient Chinese secret for health, vitality and longevity. 

 The Tao of Love and Sex

Excerpt from Jolan Chang:

‘In Ancient China the correct way of lovemaking was linked into good health. Without exception, all the ancient texts stressed that practising the Tao of love is the single most important factor in lengthening life. In terms which seems unscientific to us, the Ancient Chinese managed to arrive at some very up-to-date conclusions. Despite the ornate language, the Ancient Chinese wisdom in love and sex has a sound basis in natural science. For one thing, our sex organs are like all our other organs – they need regular use and exercise in order to stay strong and healthy. In addition, modern science has established that hormones are closely linked with the aging process, and our sexual machinery includes vital hormone-producing glands. On a psychological level too, lovemaking gives a boost to the human spirit. Nobody likes to feel too old for love. Those who can continue to feel whatever their age, that they can love and be loved are a long way towards escaping the terrible sense of loneliness and isolation so many people suffer.

The major sex secret for me is to not squander semen. When you ejaculate you lose energy. If you are young it’s not too long before that lost energy is replaced, but as we get older, or become weaker, it’s takes longer and longer to feel sexual virility again. So the secret is not to ejaculate every time you make love, but instead breathe the energy created through your whole body rejuvenating all your cells and organs, transforming the sexual energy into healing energy. A man in his later years can still be making love like a younger man if he knows this secret.

Viagra can nearly always cause another erection but it won’t help with giving you more desire and virility after sex, which this Taoist secret can. In fact, if you continue to take Viagra, even when your body is saying ‘you don’t have enough life force to get an erection’ and you continue to take the pill and continue to ejaculate every time, you will drain your basic life force and your health will suffer.

Another Taoist secret for health and virility is to imagine sipping Shakti (the female essence) when inside your woman. Absorbing rather than loosing energy- not many men know this secret.

There are many Tantric and Taoist sexology techniques to spread the sexual energy built up before ejaculation to areas of your body that need healing or to take it to the different energy centres, the Chakras, to revitalise the whole body. You can practise this skill with a Tantra Goddess, a woman trained in these skills. It doesn’t have to involve intercourse; you can do it in underwear in her arms. Then once you learn the method, you will be able to do it during lovemaking with your partner.’

Conclusion: In Tantra and Taoist sexology, there is always something new to explore. If you want to be a superior lover, it’s well worth looking into it and mastering the ancient secrets of the Emperors of China.