Tantric Sex Techniques

Learning Tantric Sex Techniques, specifically, for any man learning ejaculation control through the ‘secret sets of nines’, the benefits are enormous. One major benefit is that longer periods of lovemaking provide more time for intimacy, communication, loving feelings and more pleasure, with deeper and stronger orgasms for yourself and increased opportunities for orgasm for your woman.

The Taoist Tantric Sex Techniques “Sets of Nines”

There is a famous Taoist technique called the ‘Sets of Nines’ and at this stage of the lovemaking you could try it or a variation of it. It goes like this. You start with nine shallow strokes. This is in such a position that the lingam is rubbing up against the jewel for nine strokes, nine shallow strokes. Then you go in for one long slow and deep stroke, then pull back out again into eight shallow strokes rubbing against the jewel and then in for one deep stroke. Then you come out again, seven shallow strokes and in for two deep strokes; out again for six shallow strokes and back in for three deep strokes. You continue this process: five shallow, four deep; four shallow, five deep; three shallow, six deep; two shallow, seven deep; one shallow, eight deep. Then you reverse the process: nine deep, one shallow; eight deep, one shallow; seven deep, two shallow; six deep, three shallow; five deep, four shallow; four deep, five shallow; three deep, six shallow; two deep, seven shallow; one deep, eight shallow. This completes one cycle of nines, a total of one hundred and sixty two strokes. Then you do nine series of those, that is,  if you are highly skilled at lovemaking and you have great control over your magic wand.

Practising your own Tantra Sex Techniques

Of course you don’t have to keep to this exact sequence. You do it in accordance with your partner’s rhythms. You will feel when it is time to go in deep and when it seems time to come out shallow again. It’s like playing music or dancing, with the shallow strokes rubbing against the clitoris and the deep strokes going deep into the yoni to the rhythm of your woman.