Tantric Session, what happens ?

You will be given Tantric Techniques to upskill your lovemaking so you can make love to a woman in a way that is deeply satisfying to you and her on many levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Tantric sessions:

are tailored to individual needs and interests which the Goddess discuss with you at the beginning of Tantric Session 1. These skills are fundamental to learn to give tantric massage was well as receive.

Once you have booked a session with our booking agent, she will direct you to a secure page to listen to an audio talk that goes over what happens in a tantric session in detail, and to prepare you and make sure you are happy with what’s going to happen.

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3 Tantra Session s are available and Tantra Sydney offers 2 extra advanced sessions for suitable clients

Tantric Session 1: Tantric Heart, Sexuality and Spirituality Connection

Joining Sex and Heart chakra, moving into YabYum. Things like ejaculation control, virility, opening the heart, combining sexuality with spirituality and being totally in the moment will be experienced and practiced with the Tantra Goddess. The areas that will be concentrated on will depend on your individual needs.


Tantric Session 1

Here is an example of what one Tantra Goddess does in :

“I first speak to Kerry about you and prepare our session accordingly. The session takes one and a half hours. I start by making you feel comfortable and relaxed and review some of the things we will be doing. We then go into the adjoining room, which I call my Temple . It’s a beautiful space where I have candles and music and soft colours. It’s a sacred space, which creates a warm and intimate feeling. I like to change into transparent Goddess clothing or sensual underwear and have a robe for you. We do some preparatory things together involving connecting sexuality with love, showing you how to move your body in tantric ways that allow the sexual energy that I evoke in you to flow through us. I guide you to use breath, thought and muscle release to keep you totally connected to me and so thoroughly absorbed in the moment that nothing else exists.

While we are in Yab Yum together in close embrace, there is a connection between us on all levels and although you are filled with sexual energy, you feel no urgency to ejaculate because I teach you how to ride the waves of orgasmic energy with me as we move into the ecstasy of tantric sexual spiritual experience.

You have now moved from the theory into knowing what the dance of tantra feels like and you leave full of energy, warmth and sexual delight that you’ll feel for days later.

One of the great Tantra Teachers of the past once said:

“When you pulsate from your toes to your head, when every fiber of your being is alive, when all the cells of your body dance, when there is a great orchestra inside you, you know you have been touched by the goddess .”

You will also receive the book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ at the end of the session one, which serves two purposes. Firstly, it backs up what you have done with the Goddess and she will give you pages to read to prepare you for session 2. Secondly, your partner need not have any knowledge of Tantra for you to use the skills you learn. If she notices you have improved out of sight, you can tell her you are getting it from the book, and show her the book if you like, and do some of the couples practices given there which should go smoothly because you have already done them with the Goddess.

Tantric Session 2: Tantric Massage

Once you have made a connection with the Tantra Goddess then at the end of the session 1, if you and the Goddess want to, then you can go onto Tantric Sessions 2 and 3.


Tantra Session 2 involves Tantric Massage, but not the basic pull and tug service, if that is what you are looking for there are many other places that offer just that. You will experience and alway learn ways for enjoying more pleaure, moving energy, communication skills amd much more.

Tantric Massage: Receiving

Part A. Learning to receive sensual pleasure and increase your pleasure threshold, (most men ejaculate because they cannot take any more pleasure). She will guide you in using the skills of Tantric breathing to keep you in the moment, and not focusing on the result.

Also she will show you how to spread the sexual energy you are feeling through the whole body, through all the chakras. Also how to communicate what you want in a positive way, which is especially important for Session 3 to get the most pleasure possible. You will be practicing all the skills you learned in Session 1, so it is a sexually heartfelt, sacred experience for you and the Goddess.

Tantric Massage: Giving

Part B. Learning how to give sensual pleasure to your woman through tantric massage with the focus off orgasm and onto pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Because if a woman feels as if you are putting pressure on her to orgasm, and that’s where your focus is, then it can make it even more difficult for her to orgasm. What you learn here is also a fabulous foreplay technique that your partner will love. So in Session 2 she will be pleasuring you, and you will be pleasuring her. How’s that sound?

Tantric Session 3: Tantra Massage

The Multiple and Valley Orgasm

By now you will have gained confidence and connection with the Tantric Goddess, and this is where you get to put everything you have learned into practice, you will learn the secrets of multiple orgasm for men, and either experience or get a sense of what the valley orgasm feels like. This is an ability to orgasm like a woman, so you do not lose semen, yet you are totally ‘blissed’.

Once you master this technique you can make love many times and not lose energy. In fact you will gain virility, and erection strength the next time you make love. This little known Tantric skill will be of immense value throughout your life, you will be given pages to read from the book and an audio talk to prepare you for this session.

This Three Tantric Session Master Program has been getting results with hundreds of men, for more than 10 years, from beginners; men knowing nothing of Tantra to advanced clients. There is no doubt it can work for you also. All the Tantra Goddesses are professionally trained, and can work with your individual interests in learning Tantra.

Joining Sex and Heart chakra, moving into YabYum

These tantra sessions will help you to enjoy erotic sexuality and up skill and be a far better lover.
The photos give an idea of what can happen. However, usually the Goddess is wearing underwear and the male wears a robe or a sarong.

Tantra Sydney offers 2 extra advanced sessions for suitable clients
NB. No intercourse is involved in any of the sessions.

About the Book

At the end of session one you will be given the book Sexual Secrets for Men – What Every Woman will want her Man to Know, by Kerry Riley, international best seller. Some of the benefits of this unique Tantra book are:

  • You will be able to review the things you have learned in the each session
  • You will be able to prepare yourself for the next session – there will be certain pages to read
  • You will able to share some of these things will your current partner – many of the practices you do with the Goddess are in the book. She can see where you got your improved love-making skills from.

About the Tantra Goddesses

All the Tantra Goddesses listed on this website are highly skilled and have taken extensive training with Tantra Education P/L. They are more than simply erotic masseurs or Tantric massage practitioners. This is in their training but they know and practice much more than that with you.