What is the difference between Tantra Massage and what the Goddess does?

Tantric massage is a whole body massage. It is a good experience, and any of the Goddesses on this site can do that. But because you have a good sexual massage, it doesn’t mean you will be any better at making love. You just lie back and receive it.

The Goddess Sessions are about what you can do to be a better lover, how to make love to a woman and to deeply satisfy you and your partner on many levels.

Here is an example of what one Goddess does in Session 1:

“I first speak to Kerry about you and prepare our session accordingly. The session takes one and a half hours. I start by making you feel comfortable and relaxed and review some of the things we will be doing. We then go into the adjoining room, which I call my Temple . It’s a beautiful space where I have candles and music and soft colours. It’s a sacred space, which creates a warm and intimate feeling. I like to change into transparent Goddess clothing or sensual underwear and have a robe for you. We do some preparatory things together involving connecting sexuality with love, showing you how to move your body in tantric ways that allow the sexual energy that I evoke in you to flow through us. I guide you to use breath, thought and muscle release to keep you totally connected to me and so thoroughly absorbed in the moment that nothing else exists.

While we are in Yab Yum together in close embrace, there is a connection between us on all levels and although you are filled with sexual energy, you feel no urgency to ejaculate because I teach you how to ride the waves of orgasmic energy with me as we move into the ecstasy of tantric sexual spiritual experience.

You have now moved from the theory into knowing what the dance of tantra feels like and you leave full of energy, warmth and sexual delight that you’ll feel for days later.

One of the great Tantra Teachers of the past once said “When you pulsate from your toes to your head, when every fiber of your being is alive, when all the cells of your body dance, when there is a great orchestra inside you, you know you have been touched by the goddess .”