Tantric Massage Sydney

Tantric Massage Sydney :
Many people ask about Tantric Massage ? And ask what is the difference between Tantric Massage and Tantra lessons.

In fact you will receive a Tantric massage in session 2, and learn to give a Tantric massage as well! Importantly you will be prepared to get the most from your Tantric massage by have learning the skills of breath, moving energy through your body, learning how to open your pleasure senses to be fully available to you for an amazingly blissful experience.

Tantric  Goddesses are skilled in the arts of Tantric massage and will guide you through many preparatory skills and practices so you will receive the maximum benefit from your tantric massage experience.


Tantric massage Sydney

Tantric Massage Sydney offers:

In session 3 after integrating the skills and lessons from lesson 1 and 2 will be able to practice extended tantric bliss. This is enliven you, creating a mind blowing experience!

Extract from Sexual Secrets for Men’ …about learning E control

What most men do as excitement builds up and they get close to climax, is to move harder and faster and breathe heavier and faster or they hold their breath.

If we are to reverse the flow of sexual energy, the best way to do it is to breathe slowly and deeply and rhythmically. Even if you do move rapidly and your partner is moving fast, too, keep your breaths long, deep and consistent. Breathing does not have to match your movements. As you breathe in, imagine breathing in all the love essences, the scent, the beautiful sensations and the images of her body. Drink deeply of every magical moment of your lovemaking; do not miss one minute of this experience.

Here is a helpful exercise you can practice separate from lovemaking. It’s an excellent meditation for single men to practice. This exercise is an advanced technique of breath and P.C. muscle control using the P.C. strengthening technique discussed and practiced earlier.

… Preferably sit in a chair for this exercise. Imagine the opening of your penis is like a straw. Engage the P.C. muscle and ‘sip up’ energy through your penis the way you would sip up liquid through a straw while making a soft ‘sipping’ sound with your mouth.

Imagine that nectar is being drawn up through your penis, right up the spine, to the base of your neck, right up to the top of your head. Lock that energy in by pulling your chin into your chest and stretching the back of your neck. With your back straight, hold the energy for a few seconds. Then release the chin and the breath while making the sound aah. Bear down on the P.C. muscle and let go. Continue to repeat the exercise.

It is important that you actually feel the energy rise and fall and not just visualise it. This process can last for a period of five minutes. It’s a good idea to try out this practice on your morning erections to test if you really can do it and that it’s not just your imagination. See how many contractions it takes for you to make your penis go soft.

If you practice yoga, you may prefer to sit in the cross-legged position. Yogis often do this exercise with their legs crossed so that one heel presses on the P.C. area. Some people do it sitting on a tennis ball or something similar which presses on the P.C. area.

If you feel a little dizzy afterwards, because you are actually drawing energy up into your head, then try taking it up only as high as the throat; swallow then breathe out as you feel the energy going down again or rub your stomach strongly after the exercise. I suggest eighty one times clockwise and eighty one times anti-clockwise to spread the energy through your body. If you continue to experience dizziness during the exercise then contract the P.C. muscle as you breathe in and out, but do not sip up the energy to the crown. As you release the P.C. muscle and breathe out, feel the energy spread throughout your body.

Co-ordination of the P.C. muscle and breath is excellent training for lovemaking, lovemaking where you have control over your ejaculation.

And Tantric  Goddess  will assist you to master these practices.