Tantric Hindu Teachings

Your sexuality is not only a vehicle to exploring more love, it is also a vehicle for you to find a spiritual path.

It is valuable to set aside special times to treat your lovemaking as a spiritual practice. Meditation, prayer, ritual and ceremony are common practices people use on a spiritual path and these can be combined into lovemaking by:

  • Creating the right attitude
  • Creating a special space
  • Making a devotion.

Tantric Hindu Mythology

In tantric Hindu mythology it is written that through sexual union we can unite these two forces of the universe, the shakti and the shiva, and have a tangible experience of the divine. One prevailing Tantra Hindu belief is that if you expressed the divinity within your loving union then you would manifest divinity in all aspects of your life. Another Hindu belief is that men and women are channels for God and Goddess. The way for a man to evoke this for himself is to treat his beloved as a goddess.

Seeing the divinity within each other is not such an outrageous proposition. If you go into your lovemaking session with this mind-set, it can create a whole new experience for you and broaden the spectrum of ways you make love.