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Tantric Gosford New Castle  Goddess , Magnolia is a fun loving, sensitive, and caring woman who has a background in the healing arts including chakra balance, crystal healing, Astrology, Reiki and aromatherapy. She is a level 1 Tantric Gosford Goddess with Tantra Education Australia and qualified tantra teacher with the Australian School of Tantra.

quote-icon-trans Many men feel challenged and under pressure from some women. They have been given a bad rap for being sexually absorbed. I believe conscious men aim to please their woman, they come to a tantric session with me as they want to learn how to satisfy their partner,  to up skill their love making abilities and gain the confidence to give her all the love, joy and bliss she can possibly have.”

“Learning tantra gives you many benefits . One of the extraordinary benefits you may not have heard of is through Tantra techniques a man can have multiple orgasm’s and learn how to have a valley orgasm; how to have so much pleasure but not lose energy and in fact gaining energy. This is incredibly valuable for any man to learn, but especially for a man starting to lose his virility – Viagra is not the only way (it gives erections but not necessarily virility). Learning how to receive and give a tantra massage is another benefit you can learn and experience with me.” Tantric Gosford Goddess Magnolia.


Tantric love can transform you life. Love making, of course, for a woman is much more than the physical. I can teach you what a woman wants to revitalise her sexual desire. One thing a woman really loves is for you to make love making a more heartfelt, connecting, even soulful experience – but how do you do that? Well, I’m going to show you how.”

if your relationship has broken up through divorce or even the death of your partner I have the maturity and life experience to be able to appreciate that and help you with the confidence to find a new partner, to up skill your love making abilities and teach you things women love these days. It could be just the thing to move you from the old and discover something new.”


Tantric Gosford – New Castle Goddess Magnolia continues…

“It doesn’t matter what your age or previous experience is, I have the knowledge and firsthand experience to teach you the skills of tantra – how to turn your partner on more, how to open your heart to make love, not just performing to get a result, to relax and be in the moment. Tantra lovemaking can touch you and your partner on all levels, body heart and soul and of course I will adjust the sessions to your individual interests and needs.”

“Experiencing is believing, so maybe it’s well worth giving this a go with me. Even if you only try one session you will be able to use some of the skills straight away and experience the benefits. If what I’ve said relates to you or is appealing to you then I’m looking forward to meeting you.”

Tantric Gosford Goddess

 New Castle Tantric Gosford Goddess Sessions with Magnolia

Every Tantric  session includes the internationally published, best-selling book, ‘Sexual Secrets for Men; What Every Woman will want her Man to Know.’  

You will get the theory from the book, but the real change happens in the all important 90-minute Tantric experience with me. The focus being that you can take the things I show you away with you, and use them.

You will receive a Tantric Massage and also learn how to give a Tantric Massage.

Your woman will be nourished on many levels and feel the things most women yearn for; and never experience. AND you will feel good as a man for being able to provide such a fulfilling experience for her.


What Magnolia’s clients have to say:

I had been divorced for over 3 years and was wanting to have a new relationship...

James, 55 yrs

“Magnolia is an understanding and compassionate goddess. I felt relaxed to be in her company and very comfortable with her.

I have been experiencing some sexual difficulties since my divorce and my sexual confidence was low.  I knew it was time to upskill my sexual techniques, otherwise I could see me getting to a stage where good sex was something that belonged only to the past

I was nervous about seeing a Tantra Goddess, but whatever else I had tried wasn’t working and a friend suggested it to me. It was the best move I have made in years. I genuinely enjoyed being with Magnolia and learning new skills. It was nurturing, exciting, empowering, awakening and very importantly really fun.

I learned sensual ways to massage a woman, as well as receiving a life changing tantric massage myself. Also I learned to last much longer and become more confident again. Thank you so much Magnolia”

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