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The tantra testimonials from men having tantra sessions with a Tantric Goddess attests to the immense practicability of this work. These testimonials are well worth reading, however, what gives even more credibility are the independent journalists who have come to review our work. Sydney Morning Herald, FHM, Penthouse and Ralph magazines have all reviewed our work and written about it. We have no choice in what they say!! In fact their business is often to discredit things.

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The programs are the best available in this field. The only way to know for sure is to experience it yourself and see the results, as hundreds of others have already.

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Ejaculation control has always been a problem for me. I’m not premature but as soon as the owman starts to get really excited and moving fast I am really struggling to hold on and not enjoying it. If I loose it I’m so diaapointed in myself and of course she is frustrated also.

I heard the word Tantra mentioned in a movie and looked it up on the web, which led me to the Tantra Goddess site. I decided to give it a try and it’s the best decision ever! After one session learning the basic tantra skills of breath and pc muscle, I tried the technique on myself while self pleasuring and noticed significant imnprovement. It took the whole 3 sessions of the program to master this tantric technique, but I’ve got it now. It’s 3 months later and I can even continue to control while my partner is orgasming and then I can go on again. My new girlfriend Zoe, who I think is going to be around for quite some time, can’t believe it. I showed her the book, Sexual Secrets for Men, to explain how I learnt to do this. She doesn’t know about my ‘Fairy Godmother’ who came down from heaven to help me out. She is handing out the book to her girlfriends to give to their partners.

I only wish I’d been shown this tantra technique in my 20s. Thanks so much, it’s completely changed my self image of myself as a lover.

Dion (35) Single

Tantric sex and articles on Tantra have attracted my attention for a while now. I saw Sting on TV talking about his ability to last for hours using Tantra skills.

I think I’m pretty good at sex but I’m only 25 and often I’m struggling with ejaculation control. I tried a spray from Men’s sexual health clinic but it just gave me a headache.

Then I read an article on Tantra in ‘Ralph’ magazine. The journalist had road tested these Tantra goddess sessions and had had three sessions with Michelle. He went in sceptical and finished the article with something like “I’m standing at the door ready to leave, I’ve had one of the highest sexual experiences in my life and I haven’t lost my ejaculation.”

That convinced me to at least give it a go. $260 but if it only got me to go twice as long I figured it would be worth it

I was fortunate enough to do the sessions with Michelle and she was fabulous. My girlfriend couldn’t believe how good our next lovemaking session we had was, and I told her I got the skills from the book (“Sexual Secrets for Men”).

My girlfriend is into it now, because she said I’m really making love to her now, not just trying to make her come. She wants to learn the Tantra skills for women. So we’ve agreed to do a couples session with Michelle. I cant wait!

Brad (25)

This is not something I thought I’d be talking about, but I’ve always had a problem coming too quickly. I think it’s getting worse, most of the time I can only last about 3 minutes once I enter. I’ve been married 15 years, my wife didn’t say anything for the first couple of years, but then she just turned off sex. She just wants to get it over and done with!!!

I love her and feel guilty; I’ve never been able to give her good sex. I heard about Tantra, but I’m skeptical of new age stuff. Then I read an article in the Spectrum section of the Sydney Morning Herald about Kerry and Dines Riley, and the Australian School of Tantra. It read professional and authentic, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Since I had the problem all my life it was also a psychological problem. I’d get nervous and stressed about it, so it took me four sessions.

There was definite improvement after the first session, but the real result came after the third session. I went for about 20 minutes. My wife was asking me to stop. When I did ejaculate, it was really strong. I’d never felt it like that.

I am now wanting to get my wife interested in sex again, so Michelle gave me some great techniques on how to do that.

I showed my wife the DVD I got off Michelle and she is reading some of the book. She liked it! She hates porno movies as they turn her off. But this DVD turned her on, she said this is what she’s been missing. So it’s a start. Thanks Michelle.”

Hal (54)

Virility and Erectile Dysfunction

Neville said “I didn’t confide in her but one of the main concerns for me is I had erectile dysfunction after a prostate operation. I couldn’t get a strong erection. I’m fit, I still go dancing every week, but I’m concerned about getting a woman involved sexually.

I spoke to Kerry about Tantra and tantric sex; he explained it really simply, saying tantra simply gave good methods of sex and love skills, it was just a name not a religion or anything.

He gave me some exercises to do, to increase blood flow and tone in the sexual area. Then he referred me to Jade an associate Tantra goddess in Melbourne for some practical sessions. I was a bit concerned when he told me she was only young, but when I met her it was not an issue. I found her to be such a caring and beautiful woman.

She’s a very sexy woman and my whole body felt turned on.

I didn’t get a strong erection during the session but the next morning I woke up with a ‘beauty’, I hadn’t seen one of those in the morning for years. I couldn’t wait for the second session in tantra. Kerry told me as the connection builds between the tantra goddess and me the sessions get more intimate and more sexual.

He was right! I did four sessions altogether and it got better and better. I feel like I have a new lease on life and I know skills the other guys at the dance class would die for. One month later and I’m taking out a new lady friend, we haven’t had sex yet but when we are cuddling I can feel my erection growing – Erectile dysfunction? That’s not me! Thanks to me building the courage to call and thanks to my friend for telling me about it. I’ve got some good years left.

Neville (62)

Tantric Massage

I’d had a tantric massage before, but this was different because i’d made a real connection with the tantra goddess and i’d already learned the tantric techniques necessary to last much longer during session one. So my experience was not only physical but heart opening as well and I learned the secrets of multiple orgasm which I had read about in books and had an experience of the valley orgasm which was far higher experience than I had before. Also she taught me how to give a tantra massage, so therefore I could use it with my own partner. It has added greatly to the ways we make love.
Zac (34)

General interest in tantra

My partner and I have a great sex life, I haven’t got any real issues, but I’ve always willing to explore more. I think that’s one of the reasons our sex life is so good.

When I heard that the emperors of ancient China and India often had 20 consorts and could keep them all happy using these practices I thought I’d like to know how to do that. So I simply went to the Goddess out of interest to see what I could learn. I thought I’d supprise my girlfriend with some new skills for her birthday.

Actually it was quite different than I expected. I really was blown away with the impact it had on me. I put my girlfriend through a tantra ritual the Goddess showed me for her birthday. She went into tears because she thought it was so beautiful. I am really glad I did it.


Got my partner interested in sex again

Tantra I know comes from Ancient India, as does the karma Sutra. I have an Indian background and practice mediation daily, I know about Tantra but only in a theoretical sense.

I did a Tantra sex course, which was about opening my charkas and initiations, but to tell you the truth it really didn’t help me much with my wife. She is not that interested in sex any more and I wanted to get that happening again. I love her and I am only 42 I don’t want sex to be a memory. I tried a sex worker and the first time I couldn’t get an erection with, and the second one I felt more drained then when I went and guilty.

When I spoke to Kerry I explained I didn’t want intercourse. He explained it was a full sexual experience and to look at pictures on tantragoddess.com but couples are not having intercourse.

After the session I realized why my wife wasn’t so interested in sex; because I wasn’t giving her the type of loving a woman needs. Over the years together she turned off. I feel bad about it but I had never realized until working with Michelle.

After a number of sessions with Michelle I learned what a woman needs to turn her on. For example, the only time I was showing my affection for her was when I got into bed. I started hugging her more when I got home from work and while watching TV and let her know that I loved her. She has been more open to my advances at night now, but I haven’t pressurised her for intercourse like I used to. I’ve surprised her and given her a tantric massage instead. She loves it, and I’m going to continue doing that for her until she is ready for the type of loving I am now confident will satisfy her. The main thing for me is, she is interested in sex again. Thank God (Goddess)!

Alsing 42

Spark back in my relationship

I’ve been married 10 years and still enjoy sex, but it’s definitely lost its sizzle. We seem to have fallen into a pattern and its not exciting any more. So we are not having sex as much either. There’s always something else like we are too tired, too busy, not interested etc. I had to do something about it, so I suggested a tantra workshop to her and she wasn’t interested. So I decided to take the step with the tantra goddess sessions. As long as there wasn’t intercourse I felt like it wasn’t cheating and I was doing this for us anyway. I don’t want to end up just being good friends who love each other, and that’s where we are heading at the moment. Life’s too short.

Doing a session has done the trick. The ‘daily devotion’ practice linking together sexually everyday for 5 minutes with each other brought back our passion and desire.

I didn’t think she would try it, but we did it for 1 week then the sex on Saturday was “hot”. Using the ‘Valley orgasm’ I went 3 times before a massive orgasm. She was blessed. I’ve got plenty of other things to try now also. Sex is back to the top of our agenda. Thank you.

Chris 37

A client once told me his marriage was about to end, but after realising what’s been missing for years and trying the things out that he learned over 4 weeks in the sessions, his wife is making love to him again. Everything is slowly improving on every level.
Amid 32

Sexuality and Spirituality

Robert was a Buddhist monk who studied Tantra had travelled the world and was familiar with Tantra practices and meditations involving an imaginary consort. He was very knowledgeable, but wanted to get a real experience with a woman not juts any woman but someone open in body, heart and mind. He was interested in the spiritual experience from Tantric lovemaking.

He only did one session but was so happy with what he experienced he said all the theory and all his spiritual practices had come together in this beautiful experience of Tantra love.


Regaining confidence with women

I thought I would give some feedback on my sessions with Sapphire to date. Earlier this year I split with my partner of 12 years, so I was a bit nervous initially going to session 1. Sapphire made me feel comfortable and relaxed not long after arriving. She is passionate and professional about her work so that was very reassuring. She has not only opened my mind to Tantra, but through her sessions has also made me feel comfortable about being single again. I originally booked a session to find help to last longer, and I’ve learned a lot in 2 sessions and am pleased I made the decision to make that 1st booking.

Layton (36)

My wife died 3 years ago and I hadn’t been with a woman since. I’d only ever had sex with her, so I really hadn’t had much experience. I was ready to start another relationship but I didn’t have any confidence about how the sex would go.

Someone told me about the web site but it seemed a bit out of my realm. I decided to get the book anyway and it gave me a lot of skills to could begin to try, but I learn much better by experience. It’s like what Kerry said to me over the phone “It’s like learning to dance from a book, its hard work. Try the experience with the goddess then you’ll definitely be able to repeat what she shows you”.

I did, I’m feeling much more confidant now; it’s really lifted my energy and desire to start again.

Jim 58

Turning sex into making love

I have no issue lasting long enough. the problem is, my partner says she doesn’t just want sex, she wants to feel my love. I love her but she says I dont show my feelings enough,I’im in my head too much. I heard tantra addresses this so I decided to take the sessions. I learned to move the energy from my penis to my heart and its taught me the difference between sex and making love. I understand what Kerry means now when he writes in his book , “Don’t think how many strokes you can do, instead focus on how much love you can feel.” I can now appreciate what my partner was missing.

Last time my partner and I were making love, instead of pushing towards her orgasm, we stopped, and I asked her to look at me and told her what I was feeling in my heart. We continued to make love, eyes open, looking at each other, and breathing together for a while. It was like we became one body, totally connected.

I am now more conscious in my life of being more in my feelings. I didnt even know I was supressing them until I did the sessions. Too busy with my work to realise my heart was closed. I liked the chapter in the book called “Heartfelt Loving”. It was like it was written for me.

Troy, 45

Tantric Massage

I‘ve had a Tantric Massage before, however this was different. Not only was it a whole lot better, but it taught me the skills to last long enough to have a multiple orgasmic experience. I learned how to orgasm without loss of semen. She called it the Valley Orgasm. I didn’t think it was possible but after the session I am able to do it in normal intercourse which allows me to have an orgasm like my partner but I don’t lose energy. I am more than ready to make love again the next day. It’s not simply holding back. If you do that then it only creates frustration and tension. This is totally different. When I had a tantric massage before, I couldn’t share it with my partner because she didn’t know what to do. However in this session I was taught how to give a tantric massage and I’ve been able to give my partner a tantric massage which she thoroughly enjoys.

About the Book (Sexual Secrets for Men)

I‘ve had a Tantric massage in Melbourne previously which I really enjoyed however I couldn’t share it with my wife and I felt a bit guilty about that. The difference here was I was given the book: Sexual Secrets for Men and a lot of things I learned were in the book. So I could use them with her and she knew where I was getting my new found skills from. Also with the Tantra Goddess I found on this site, she not only gave me a fabulous Tantra massage, where I learned how to have multiple orgasm and experience a beautiful warm connection in my heart. She guided me how to give a Tantric massage. My wife loved it and I felt good that seeing this Tantra Goddess had really put new life into our relationship. And I felt now guilt about that.
Jason, 43



Perry was really embarrassed his penis has a big bend to the left. He wanted to learn about Tantra lovemaking but he said he would be to shy for Michelle to touch him.

Then he told me the story. He has tried the needle injections to support his erections, this was several years ago before these clinics were monitored and approved.

The reaction was so and he had to have an operation on his penis that left it badly bent. He took the people to court but the guy was from overseas and imported this stuff in 44 gallon drums then was charging people about $5000 for 5ml bottle!

Perry ended up having 4 sessions with Michelle. Not only to improve his lovemaking skills but to give him different possibilities and positions but mainly to heal his embarrassment.


James was married for 17 years and one year ago found out his daughter wasn’t his! A DNA test was insisted on by the guy claiming to be the “real” farther to prove it. The marriage has since dissolved.

He wanted to build his confidence again not only in sexual loving, but in trusting women. The Tantra skills the Goddesses share work on many levels.

I like Adventure!

Brad, a 21 year old, said “I’ve never had any trouble getting a woman. I’m good looking and I’m very successful property developer in my families business, so I’m attractive to women financially also. Which sometimes causes me trouble because I’m not sure if a woman wants me for me once they see my car!

Just about every woman I’ve had sex with tells me I’m good in bed. I’m young but have had heaps of women so I’ve learned a few things. I read about Tantra and thought, “well I do that basically anyway! But I thought I’d give it a go, I’d like adventure.” That’s what the Tantra sessions with the Tantra Goddess have done for me. It’s opened up doorways I never thought of. Like how to get into my heart and soul through sex, not just focussing on getting her off.

I want to share Tantra with someone special not just any woman. I’m now very clear on that. Thanks for what you showed me!

There are many more stories. All real names of course have been withheld.

It has value to many circumstances and is appropriate for people who know nothing of Tantra through to people who are Tantra teachers.

It’s not appropriate if you a simply looking for intercourse. There are plenty of good sex workers for that. Or if you only want a sensual massage with a rub and tug, you may as well go to the same places.

The goddess can easily do Tantric massage and is good at it. However most people choose the essential programme because you’re in her arms, not just lying there passively receiving a massage.

Instead, you are learning the skills of how to turn a woman on more and how to be a better lover.

My name is Rico and I am in a long term relationship with a wonderful woman whom I want to connect with on a deeper level. I did not know how I could do this. I had read about Tantra and more recently seen it featured in a magazine – I wanted to know more.
I did not really understand Tantra nor did I know who to talk to about it. Thank heavens for Google – I found Rachel.
I met Rachel recently for my very first session and to say I was nervous was an understatement.
Rachel made me feel instantly comfortable with her honesty and gentleness. She made me feel very relaxed.
Rachel outlined the session and what we would be doing. She explained the reasons and answered the many questions I had.
Our session was incredible, I was so relaxed and excited all at the same time – it was surreal.
At the end of our session I felt I had learned new skills and embarked on a journey that could only be good for me and my relationship.
I have already booked for the next stage of the program and can’t wait.
Thank you Rachel – you really are a goddess!

take care