Tantra Sydney Advanced Lessons

Tantra Sydney Advanced

Tantra Sydney Advanced Practices

Once your have experienced the complete program (the three sessions), our Tantra Sydney Goddess Rheia offers 2 extra advanced tantra lessons. She is the only goddess trained in these advanced tantra lessons. Tantra Sydney advanced lessons involve some Tantric theory but mostly Tantric practices at a higher level. No one else in this field in Sydney or anywhere else is offering this level of tantra in Australia.

Pre requisite you need to have finished the complete program with the three Tantric lessons and read the book “Tantric Secrets for Men’, by Kerry and Diane Riley sold over 100,000 copies internationally. Kerry Riley, a Tantra Master designed these programs.

Tantra Sydney Advanced Practices

So what you get in these far more in depth than a tantric massage.

The initial three tantra sessions involve many aspects of tantra, physically, emotionally and spiritually, as well as learning how to give and receive a fabulous tantric massage. So what you will experience in these Tantra Sydney Advanced lessons 4 and 5 takes you much further. It is more in depth TANTRA.

Sydney Advanced Tantra Lessons integrate traditional tantra and taoist skills to give you an illuminating experience, integrating the bliss of physical ecstasy with insight of clear mind. Dive deeper into the practices of what Tantra and Tantra Massage is really about. Become an extraordinary lover.

These Tantra Sydney Advanced practices have been taught by Kerry Riley who has now trained Tantra Goddess Rheia who will share with you lessons to give you an experience that can change the way you integrate Tantra into your daily life!