Tantra Lessons : Benefits

Become a better Lover

:These Tantra lessons will help you to enjoy erotic sexuality and up skill and be a far better lover.

NB. No intercourse is involved in any of the sessions.

The Tantra Lessons / sessions will address most areas in Men’s sexuality and can help them with things like:

  • ejaculation control
  • staying power
  • virility issues
  • how to turn on your partner more
  • putting new spark into your relationship
  • internal orgasm
  • multiple orgasm
  • you will receive a sensual tantric massage
  • learn to give a tantric massage to help your woman enjoy more pleasure during sex and orgasm more frequently and turning sex into a sacred experience
  • in fact up-skilling in every area of your lovemaking; physically, emotionally and spiritually

Tantra Sydney also offers Advanced Tantric lessons with Rachel


The following Tantra lessons was the one I love to talk to you about. My Goddess advised me that I will be experiencing multiple orgasms, about 6-8, without ejaculating. I thought there was no chance. However in the hour long session my Goddess took me on a sexual roller coaster as I can only describe as bliss. As I laid there on my back, my Goddess was seductively pampering me by stroking, touching, holding, breathing with me whilst instructing me where to direct the energy in my body, experiencing wave after wave or orgasmic bliss. This was a total body experience.
…This was fantastic, I felt complete, whole, peaceful, experiencing the highest state of bliss I have ever felt.

*Male, Business Owner (name withheld)

Tantra lessons will add to the ways

you make love in 3 major areas:

Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually

Tantra means integration of all aspects, so you experience a more ultimate experience including all of yourself!


Tantric Techniques for Longer Lasting Sex.

Learn the Taoist, Tantric Secrets of a thousand loving strokes!

Tantra will give you proven techniques to last much longer, not only so you get more from sex but your partner has more chance of orgasm.

This involves ejaculation control so you come when you choose and it means being able to maintain your virility and erection strength. These skills are extensively covered in tantra and are greatly beneficial for dealing with impotence and premature ejaculation.


Tantric experience emotional benefits

Tantra teaches you ways to open up to more love.

Besides showing you how to give your partner more physical pleasure,tantra teaches you how to open up and feel more love in your heart while you are making love. Once your partner feels that love she will be more open to you sexually, she will feel more sexual pleasure and will want to make love more often.


Combine spirituality and Sexuality with Tantra

Tantra teaches Sacred Sex ways to transform your lovemaking into a sacred experience

It will touch you and your partner on every level of your being, body, heart and soul. Tantra is known as the Yoga of Sex.

Other Benefits

Tantra techniques can revitalise and spice up your love life

Tantric techniques can revitalise and spice up your love life.

With long term relationships even though you still love each other sex can become “the same” you get into habitual patterns of making love (or not making love!) and you lose your sexual passion for each other.

If you’re single – Then through learning these techniques you will have something special to share with the next woman you meet. It will give you a great advantage over other guys. Women really enjoy tantra because it gives them satisfaction physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Learn what happens in Tantra Lessons…