Tantra lessons, much more that just a tantric massage

Tantra, Goddess sessions are private one to one coaching sessions to learn tantric skills including Tantra Massage to add to your sexual knowledge. Tantra skills include whole body orgasm, extending virility, mastering ejaculation control and discovering how to expand and elongate your partners sexual pleasure. There are three options you can persue:


  1. The Essential Tantric Sex Program – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron, Newcastle, Perth.
  2. Master Tantric Sex Program
  3. Tantra Home Course

Cost: The Essential Program

Sydney, Gosford and Central Coast NSW:

is priced at $325 per session (1-3 Sessions Recommended)

Cost: The Master Program

Sydney, Gosford and Central Coast NSW: is priced at $325 per session (3 Sessions)


1. The Essential Tantric Sex Program – Australia

Call to discover what Tantra has to offer and answer any of your questions. A decision as to whether it’s appropriate for you to meet a Tantra Goddess and to help select a suitable tantra goddess for you. The Program Includes:

  1. A 10 minute preparatory talk that tells you what will happen in the Tantra session and gives you an exercise to do to prepare you for your session with the Tantric Goddess. The Goddess will be able to devote more time to the practical side of the session if you have already listened to the talk.
  2. The all important 90 minute practical session with the Goddess
  3. Book: ‘Sexual Secrets for Men: What every woman will want her man to know’. Published worldwide, used to back up what you have done and prepare you for the following sessions if you decide you would like to complete the whole 3 session Master Program.

CALL now to make a booking. contact  0430 194940 or book online.

Tara – A Tantra goddess

Tantric Kiss“I first speak to Kerry about you and prepare our session accordingly. The session takes one and a half hours. I start by making you

feel comfortable and relaxed and review some of the things we will be doing. We then go into the adjoining room, which I call my Temple . It’s a beautiful space where I have candles and music and soft colours. It’s a sacred space, which creates a warm and intimate feeling. I like to change into transparent Goddess clothing or sensual underwear and have a robe for you. We do some preparatory things together involving connecting sexuality with love, showing you how to move your body in tantric ways that allow the sexual energy that I evoke in you to flow through us. I guide you to use breath, thought and muscle release to keep you totally connected to me and so thoroughly absorbed in the moment that nothing else exists.

While we are in Yab Yum together in close embrace, there is a connection between us on all levels and although you are filled with sexual energy, you feel no urgency to ejaculate because I teach you how to ride the waves of orgasmic energy with me as we move into the ecstasy of tantric sexual spiritual experience.

You have now moved from the theory into knowing what the dance of tantra feels like and you leave full of energy, warmth and sexual delight that you’ll feel for days later.”

One of the great Tantra Teachers of the past once said

“When you pulsate from your toes to your head, when every fiber of your being is alive, when all the cells of your body dance, when there is a great orchestra inside you, you know you have been touched by the goddess .”

CALL now to make a booking. contact  0430 194940 or book online.

Unique Experience

heart to heart tantra connection

What is so unique about this one to one Tantric experience is that you form a connection with the goddess. It’s a totally different experience to that of going to a sex worker or sensual masseur, where you don’t make any real connection with her or learn very much. With this experience, you leave being a far better lover, with knowledge and practices that only a handful of men know anything of, something that you will always treasure. Very few men will ever get to experience being with a woman skilled in Tantra. These sessions are practical. This is the best way to really appreciate what tantra has to offer. They are intimate, sexual and safe as they do not involve intercourse.

All sessions are tailored to individual needs, to book call or email Sandy 0430 194 940.

Optional DVD – Secrets of Sacred Sex

N.B You can also purchase the DVD – The secrets of sacred sex at your session for a special price of $30.00 (normally $49.95 + p and h). This DVD sold over 200 000 copies worldwide, and was considered by Tantra Magazine USA as the best DVD ever made in this field.

2. Master Tantric Sex – Three Session Program

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle Australia.

Enjoy a Tantric MassageAt the end of the essential program, if you and the Tantra goddess agree you will be able to go on to two further sessions and learn skills of tantric massage including valley orgasm. Details of what happens will be discussed with you.

Sessions one and two and three complete the Master Tantric Sex Program, which you will be able to integrate into your own love life with your partner. She will experience the difference. Don’t believe it?!!! See testimonial from Ron’s partner Gay. Alternatively you’ll have enough skills to be able to guide a partner through a full tantra experience.

Women love tantra because it touches them on all levels: body, heart, soul. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is.

For the three sessions with the Goddess it’s ideal to do once per week but other arrangements can be organised.

Enquiries and bookings phone call 0430 194940 or book online.

Extra Advanced Sessions – Sydney Only

If you have completed the Master Program and the goddess feels you are ready there are two extra advanced sessions available, only available in Sydney.

Overseas or interstate clients can do an intensive program with the tantric Goddess over a two or three day period.
Enquiries and bookings phone  0430 194 940

3. Tantra Home Course



Introducing the most comprehensive and most practical home Tantra course available. Developed by the Australian School and based on the acclaimed ‘Tantric Lovemaking Secrets and Practices’ course taught internationally to thousands of people by Kerry and Diane Riley.

This home tantra program consists of audio lessons and a comprehensive workbook to maximize the application of this program. All downloadable from your computer or available as a hard copy posted to your address.

This course is for singles and couples who want to become extraordinary lovers and want the best sexual relationships possible. The Course is unique; It is from both a man and woman’s perspective Including things like;

 The Keys to becoming an extraordinary lover. Techniques to take you and your lover into sexual experiences that will have you both saying “that’s the best ever”.

 Practices that can transform lovemaking into a sacred experience. Combining sexuality with spirituality.

 How to use your pelvic muscles to promote and prolong ecstatic pleasure and extended orgasm.

 How to satisfy your partner on all levels, body heart & soul. Also techniques for balancing differences in desire.

 For Men: you will be able to master ejaculation control. Build sexual virility and maintain erection strength at any age. Develop the skill of in-jaculation, the ability to orgasm without ejaculation. And how to bring something new, exciting and different into your sex life.

 For Women: you will discover how to increase your sexual desire and joy of sex. How to get more of the type of loving you want and desire. How to unleash your Tantric Goddess and give him experiences he will not forget. How to create more sensation for yourself during intercourse. How to expand and increase your orgasmic potential. And how to be the best lover your man will ever have.
Now you can discover all these secrets and much more, to be a skilled lover in the comfort of your own home. If you want to get beyond the talk and the theory of Tantra, and into actually having the practices developed and happening in your life. Then this home Tantra course is for you.