Diane and Kerry were interviewed prior to their Polish Seminar and Workshop in October 2013.

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Diane and Kerry Riley for more than 25 years all over the world lead seminars and training sessions on the secrets of sexuality and tantra . They are a couple of many years. Their successful personal life, experience, and many workshops helped contribute to the huge global success of their book, “The rituals of marriage”.  During the Polish tour they will be discussing tantric practises and  include the subject of relationships, care for long-term relationships. At their meetings and workshops does not matter whether you are a beginner or advanced. During the workshop, sharing secrets and techniques they have created over many years of successful work with thousands of people. Strongly interested in their work, I asked them a few questions.

Martha: What, in your opinion, is the most important factor in creating a good, long-term relationship?

Kerry: Appreciating each other. People often forget to tell their partner they appreciate them, after a few years of being together  there is more focus on the annoying, negative things about their partner. A good appreciation practise is for a couple to sit opposite each other and take turns to tell the partner 5 things they appreciate about them. The receiving partner is simply to say Thank You.  This seems very simple, but it’s very effective. Oftenit can create tears of emotion, because people strongly long for such recognition.

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Martha: What would be the “destroyer”?

Kerry: Money, trust and sex issues put a lot of stress on couples and destroy relationships. To cope with these challenges, we need education and methods that will allow us to deal with the tension in the hand. We recommend different exercises that allow you to get rid of stress, negative emotions, power and reinforce each other. One of them is lying on a spoon, one person after another and harmonizing breath. This is followed by meeting face to face, during which each partner says “I am sorry for my part in our disconnect. I love you.”  However, if the conflict is very serious and continues, then it’s best to find a good counselor.

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Marta: What would you have suggested for couples who are struggling with the crisis after the baby is born ?

Kerry: Definitely with all the things we teach, is the practice of “daily devotion” is one that couples cherish even after the workshop. This allows them to provide each other with the energy to deal with daily challenges, including those that occur after childbirth.

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Martha: Do you think that lasting relationships and marriage are significant in the modern world?

Kerry: In our modern world people are experimenting with serial monogamy, polyamory, and partner swapping, which all have their associated problems. Long term relationship can gravely help each partner in their own personal development, and lead to long term benefits in older age, especially if it invloves children and grandchildren. However, to keep a relationship passionate, my advice is to study relationships, do workshops and read books, even see a good counsellor, because the stresses of modern day life can cause alot of problems between couples. It’s wise if your business is strggling to invest time, money and ebnergy to get it back on track, it’s the same with relationships, you need to continually re-invent them.

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Marta: What do you yourself think about love and sex?

Kerry: In the beginning of the relationship there is often aloth of sex, but as time goes on sex becomes less and less, and eventually the couple may love each other but they are no longer ‘in love’ with each other. I feel sex is the fuel of a passionate relationship, so I suggest introducing new ways of making love and there are many new ways available in tantric studies.

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