Private Tantra for Women

Many women are curious as to what tantra can offer them on a personal level and to incorporate into their loving relationships. Have you considered a private consultation and instruction on some of the skills of Tantra? Or perhaps you would love to surprise your partner with your new discoveries? Or you may just want to enjoy some sensual pampering?

Tantric for women, sessions are individualised according to your interests and needs and may include:

  • Tantra breathing and meditations to enhance your sexuality with heart and spirituality.
  • A sensual heart warming tantric massage to energize you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Strengthening your connection with your inner goddess of love and sensuality.
  • Practices that can transform your lovemaking into a sacred experience.
  • Tantric tips to use on your man.

Leticia’s Experience

My long term relationship ended about 6 months ago. I was not ready to get involved with another man right now, but I was missing a man’s touch and the connection. I tried casual sex with a friend, and it created complications, so when I read I could have a sensual experience with someone I could trust and just enjoy myself, be looked after and nourished spiritually, emotional and physically with no sexual agenda and with no complications, I decided that I deserved it. I found Tantra for Women on the net and knew I had to give it a try.

Besides, it might be a while before I meet “Mr Right” and I would be so out of touch with my sexuality I’d feel too nervous to enjoy it anyway, So this seemed a good option.

When I arrived I was very nervous, but a little excited as well. The atmosphere Sharon had created in the room was calm and inviting. It set the scene for a beautiful guided Tantra meditation.

I felt very comfortable with Sharon. She treated me like a Goddess and made me feel very relaxed about being there. The Tantric massage was extraordinary. I’d had massages before, but nothing like this! I was transported into a blissful state…

It was a very sensual experience, but at the same time, heart-opening, sacred and honouring. I felt that a side of me had awakened that I’d always been aware of, but never game to fully embrace before.

As a result of the session with Sharon, I feel so much more in harmony with myself and everyone else. I’m glad I took the step to call. I totally recommend it to all women.

Individual sessions are 1.5 hours and cost $235.

The sessions are available in Sydney/ Byron Bay/ New Castle/ Wollongong/ Brisbane/ SunShine Coast/ Melbourne/ Adeliade/Perth/ and include:

1.  with a LoveWorks Tantra Educator and Practitioner

2. N.B The Book Sexy and Sacred: Sexual Secrets for Women by Diane Riley, can be purchased at the session at wholesale price $25.00, (normally $37.95 + p and h)

For an appointment and more information call 0430 194 940 to speak to Diane Riley.