Tantra workshops for Couples

Many couples are wishing to expand their lovemaking experience and value their relationship too much to have affairs or find alternatives such as swing clubs threatening to the specialness of their commitment to each other. If both partners agree learning about Tantra for Couples you can learn:

  • Ways to put new energy into your love life
  • Balance differences in desire
  • Tantric Sexual communication skills to guide your partner to more of what you want in bed
  • Tantric heart to heart connection
  • Spiritual wave meditation
  • Transform sexual loving into a deeply profound and ecstatic experience
  • Tantric sex meditation
  • Achieve prolonged orgasm
  • Erotic tantric massage skills.

NB These sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and disucssed with you on the phone to see what is appropriate for you.

Tantric sex can bond relationships and add a new dimension to the ways you make love, building a deeper level of intimacy and connectedness with your partner. You get to explore higher levels of sexual ecstasy together in a safe and supportive environment with a goddess you can trust.

For Bookings and Enquiries call Sharni 0430 194 940
Please see: www.australianschooloftantra.com.au (appropriate for couples)

Janice and Dave’s Experience

Janice says

“We have a good sex life and we wanted to experience what Tantra had to offer.

I liked the way the session was individualised to meet our needs. We were given choices of what level of intimacy we wanted to explore.

For the first session we chose to be guided in a Tantric experience. It involved physical skills that Dave could use to last longer and for me to use to help induce my orgasm during intercourse. I can orgasm easily with oral sex but rarely during intercourse.

The next part of the session involved intimacy exercises that really helped us communicate our heartfelt feelings. It really awakened our feelings of love for each other.

We were also given breathing practices to use during heightened states of sexual pleasure to increase the length of the orgasmic states. This took us into a really high place. Somewhere we hadn’t been before.

The whole experience touched us physically, emotionally and spiritually . I now understand what was meant by “BLISS” in the Tantra articles I had read.

We are going back for another session because Dave wants to learn how to give me a Tantra massage and I feel much more open now about being sexually intimate with Dave with another woman present. I trust Michelle. After the first session I feel very comfortable with her. I am really looking forward to it. What surprised me is that it’s actually created more trust between Dave and me. Dave has fantasized about another woman being present but I’ve never felt safe about it. However Michelle and I really get on together. The session has opened up doorways to new experiences. we feel like teenagers again exploring all this new stuff together.”

Inquiries and bookings phone Call Sharni 0430 194940 or email

 Tantra Workshops for Couples

These one day workshops consist of 4 x 2 hour sessions, allowing time in between each session to put the things you have learned into practise. This way, you really end up developing new things in your loving relationship.
The workshop is catered to a couple’s needs and is about enriching potentially the most dynamic and soul nourishing areas of our life – love, sex, relationships.

These special workshops are taught personally by Kerry or Diane Riley, Directors of Australian School of Tantra, authors of “Tantric Secrets for Men” and co-creators of the DVD “Secrets of Sacred Sex – a Guide to Love and Intimacy”.

Places are limited to five couples and need to be booked well in advance.

go to www.australianschooloftantra.com.au
for more information and bookings.