Tantra Experience

In a nut shell my tantra experience: “The best personal development course I have ever done”.


How was the tantra experience?

Fantastic, the most powerful fulfilling sexual experience I have ever encountered.
On arrival, I was greeted by my tantric Goddess, seductive eyes, and sensual body beaming with powerful sexual energy. I was made to feel safe in the environment that she had created. My Tantric Goddess discussed with me what was about to take place in the session. She asked me a question that I thought was an easy question to answer: What is sex all about for you?
That was easy, ‘it’s all about achieving orgasm and ejaculating’, was my answer. Her response surprised me :  a lot of people think that, they focus on the end result instead of enjoying the whole experience. She was so right.

In session 1, of my tantra experience I was taught and experienced how to connect on all three levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. A lot of the focus was on breathing techniques and channelling my energy to certain parts of my body and then to hers as she did to me in exchange. This was an awesome feeling, where my body was tingling with energy from head to toe and I felt as I had truly connected with my Goddess.

The following session was the one I love to talk to you about. My Goddess advised me that I will be experiencing multiple orgasms, about 6-8, without ejaculating. I thought there was no chance. However in the hour long session my Goddess took me on a sexual roller coaster as I can only describe as bliss. As I laid there on my back, my Goddess was seductively pampering me by stroking, touching, holding, breathing with me whilst instructing me where to direct the energy in my body, experiencing wave after wave or orgasmic bliss. This was a total body experience. The easiest way to describe this, it felt like the sensation I would normally feel on the head of my penis was now spread over every inch of my body. As promised by the end of the session, I had achieved multiple orgasms without ejaculating. This was fantastic, I felt complete, whole, peaceful, experiencing the highest state of bliss I have ever felt.

What I got out of it:

  • From my tantra experience with my Goddess, I got a new insight to what sex is and how it can be for me and others I’m involved with.
  • I learnt to connect with someone and feel as one with them.
  • How to get out of my head (not thinking about ejaculation) and into my body connecting with my feelings and emotions.
  • Ejaculation control and longevity.
  • That sex is fun and not a mission
  • That sex gives you life and vibrancy.
  • That sex is a powerful healing source. And without it can create disharmony and illness within the body.
  • How powerful your spiritual energy is, when you decide to tap into it.
  • That bliss come from within and is there for everybody to access through practises like Tantric Sex.

Why I went:

The thing that attracted me to Tantric Sex was that I wanted to know “can sex get any better that what I am currently experiencing?”
In all my years I have had many fantastical sexual experiences with vast array of women, as great as it was and is, I still felt that there was something more. Something that I was not getting, something was missing. That’s where my journey began.”

AND Finally…
I have found that missing element that I was searching for in sex. BLISS.

Thank you
Diane, Kerry and my Tantric goddess for giving a magical gift that will be with me forever.

Josh Wilson
Business Owner / Remedial Massage Therapist / Life Line Cousellor / Degree in Pyschology