Tantra and Men’s Health: Prostate Health.

Tantra skills can assist men who may have prostate concerns.

Tantra will it enhance your love life now, but give you real skills to use to handle all the problems and difficulties that arise sexually after prostate surgery. Tantric lovemaking practices enhances sexual experiences for both partners, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can be incorporated into anyone’s love life, for the young and healthy or seniors having sexual health difficulties. Men men to be pro active and have regular checks with their GP’s of their P.S.A. levels and also have examinations annually. 

Ejaculation control practices which are well covered in Tantra are invaluable for a young man and man having challenges like post operative prostate cancer. It offers the man practices to increase virility and desire which is a side effect androgen therapy. It also offers them a practice called valley orgasm which is gives him a method of orgasm without ejaculation. A very powerful experience. So if he has mastered this or experienced this, it is a much easier transition to adapting to not release of semen after a prostectomy. It also helps him with the ability to bring his mind into present moment rather than focusing on a result and erection strength, because the more a man tries to get an erection the worse it gets.

For any man who gets to an age where erection strength is un reliable, there are excellent practices to not only increase virility but increase desire ( aside effect of men on androgen therapy ) medication can increase strength but not necessarily desire .