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Sydney Tantra Goddess Rheia, has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years and has been a qualified massage therapist for the past 10 years. She is a creative woman with a passionate, nurturing and sensual nature. When you have a session with Rheia you will understand why sacred sexuality and tantra skills  enhance not only your sexuality but also your life force and personal power. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and infact 70’s you will experience a stronger connection to your vitality and authentic masculine energies. Rheia is also the only Tantra Goddess we currently have who is trained in the Advanced sessions, highly recommended.

Sydney Tantra Goddess:

quote-icon-transI was introduced to Tantra 8 years ago by a lover that truly blew me away, not only by his ability to last long enough to satisfy me but more importantly by the heartfelt connection I experienced. I hadn’t felt that before with ordinary lover making. It is actually transformed how I connect with people in my everyday life.”

“I wanted to teach others the benefits of Tantra, especially to teach men these skills to benefit their woman so much more. I searched the web and found the Australian school of Tantra. It was the most credible site I could find; established for over 30 years. I took the training course with Kerry Riley, internationally recognised Tantra teacher and worldwide published author, along with 2 other facilitators who had been practicing as tantra goddess’s for many years. After several Courses and teacher trainings and lengthy supervision I am now a qualified level 1 tantra goddess.”

“In the 3 session program I now teach to men you can see from the testimonial and journalist articles on this site it gets results. It offers proven, effective, yet simple techniques that most men know little about that you can use straight away after the first session, you need not have any knowledge of tantra to learn the skills plus you get to have Kerry’s book as a vital part of session 1 so your partner knows where you are getting the new found skills from.”

“in your sessions with me you will learn and experience how to master ejaculation control, maintain virility, sustain erection strength,  the little known skill of multiple orgasm and internal orgasm for men and on top of that how to satisfy your partner on all levels. To be in a heartfelt space with your lover and create good communication meeting both people’s needs and desires. I will not only give you the best tantra massage possible but more importantly teach you how to give a tantra massage to a woman.”

Rheia Tantra Teacher

Tantra can transform your love life. If you’re in a relationship, don’t give up if your sexual life with your current partner is lacking. I can show you how to get her turned on again (see testimonials on exactly that under the heading ‘got my partner interested in sex again’ . I love that I can connect with guys and help them bring out the often hidden and suppressed sexual side in their woman.  If you have broken up a relationship and you want to up skill your love making and abilities and gain more confidence with a new partner then I guarantee that will happen for you over the 3 sessions.”

“If you really want to develop this level of love making or even just improve what is happening now then I’m looking forward to teaching you these skills and sharing this experience with you.”

Sydney Tantra Goddess


What others has to say about Sydney Tantra Goddess

A new world...

Thank you so much  for today. You’ve opened up a whole new world for us. We feel closer than we have ever felt. I feel like we have finally come home to each other after all these years. I am so grateful. Josh and Lilly

I was nervous about seeing a Tantra Goddess, but whatever else I had tried wasn’t working...

Julius 29, The most amazing experience I had with Rachel was in the third session. I never thought it was possible to have such an awesome experience and have multiple orgasms without loss of semen. It happened for me! After the session and I walked outside I was ‘high’, aware, totally in the moment, I carried that altered, big awareness with me for days and will never forget it. Thank you Sydney Tantra Goddess !.

Tex : 39 years: “Yesterday was amazing! We had so much fun in the session! And last night too:) I must admit it felt a little daunting coming to see you knowing nothing about Tantra. So thank you sooo much for making it so comfortable, simple and easy! I can’t belive how powerful it is. I’m so excited at the places it’s going to take us. Thank you your amazing! I’m so excited about life right now!

we have been putting this off for too long..

Peter and Deb: 48 and 42  years: “The sessions we did a while back have created long lasting change in our marriage. That’s what’s so brilliant about this. It’s not just a bandaid for your troubles, the results are permanent. We feel more in love than we have ever felt before. It’s amazing how the love we feel keeps growing and expanding every time we do the practices you taught us. You were right when you say there is no limit to how much you can love a person. Thank you for your guidance and reminding us to see the divine in one another. ” Namaste

Our sex life has started to die...

Max: 43 years: ” I am in a loving relationship with my wife for 8 years now- the only problem is our sex life had started to die. I thought this was ‘normal’ in any marriage, that after being married with kids the sex would decrease and interest and passion wane, until I started reading about tantra. I researched extensively and finally decided to try out a few tantra sessions with Tantra Education Australia , a professional Tantric Goddess, to see if tantric skills learnt could help me to revive our love life both in and out of the bedroom. The entire process was professional, legitimate and incredible helpful! My wife and I are not only enjoying sex on a more regular basis again, we are enjoying much better sex that ever before. THANK YOU”

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