The PC Muscle

The Number One Tool For Love Making

About the PC Muscle: Extract from Sexual Secrets for Men by Kerry Riley

It might seem simple but the first and most important thing to learn when wanting to become a better lover is how to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle (PC Muscle referred simply as PC) or love muscle. This muscle is the major muscle of contraction in male and female orgasm. Strengthening the P C muscle helps to strengthen your erection and increase the sensations of your climax, which is very important in older years.

What is the PC Muscle?

The P.C. muscle extends from the base of the spine, where it is connected to the coccyx, to the front of the body where it is connected to the pubic bone. Just as you can tense and release your fist or tense and release your shoulders, you can tense and release the P.C. muscle. This will exercise the muscle involved in sexual pleasure. Anyone can tense their fist. Try it now to give you the idea. Tense your fist and feel your biceps muscle tighten, then releasetotally. Now see if you can tense and release the biceps muscle alone.

Muscle isolation practice will help you to isolate the P.C. muscle. It is the P.C. muscle you use to cut off urination.

How Do You Strengthen the PC Muscle?

Strengthening the PC Muscle can be done daily. The next time you urinate, try to stop the flow in midstream to get a feeling of activating the P.C. muscle only. At first you may need to tighten the whole pelvic floor which includes the anus muscle and perhaps the lower abdominal muscles. Some men may need to tense the whole upper body to pull up the P.C. muscle.

See if you can locate the PC muscle. Flex it, even if your whole body tightens. Just as you isolated the muscle in the biceps from the fist, you can totally relax your upper body and still tense the pelvic floor.
Strengthening the PC  muscle is one of the greatest sexual secrets a man can know.

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