When Did You Last Say No To Sex?

As life goes on and we get busier with work, kids and living day to day couples often find they do not have time for each other and especially not sex. As with work and kids keeping the spark in your relationship requires time and devotion. Kerry Riley, author of ‘Sexaul Secrets for Men; What every Women will want her Man to know’ has developed an advanced practice which is one of the greatest secrets for keeping a relationship in harmony and full of love and passion.

The technique is: ‘Say yes to sex.’ Make love every day whether you feel like it or not. This may seem like a simple straight forward technique yet it goes deeper than what it looks on the surface. Love making can come in many different forms and it is the key to keeping the spark alive, your communication channels clear and harmony in your relationship.
Many couples will permit themselves a sexual experience only when absolutely everything is correct. Everything has to be right. The man has to be in his woman’s good books by behaving the way she expects him to. He has to be feeling sexy and things have to be going well in his business and family life no stress, no tiredness, no headaches, no stomach cramps, no emotional turmoil. And then maybe, just maybe, he will make love. The problem is that very seldom is everything just right.

Eddie and Carol, have three children, Heather, eight, Peter, seven and Sam, ten months. Carol explained: ‘When we were first married we had a lot of sex with no fear of pregnancyI was already pregnant
and we were hot for each other most of the time. Now with three kids, all we want to do at the end of the day is sleep. We like sex and love each other, but we are lucky if we make love once a month.’

This is typical of a lot of couples.

Say Yes To Sex

One of the greatest secrets that Kerry has shared in his relationship and many people he has shared his secret with is an agreement with their partner to connect every day, whether we feel like it or not. Do not wait for the right circumstances, right mood and right everything else. Instead, go ahead and have a lovemaking experience anyway to bring you into harmony and to give you the energy to change the mood your are in.

Kery has developed a process called Daily Devotion that will solve excuses of the mind and lead you to more pleasure, energy and harmony in your relationship. It involves the concept of surrender which is one of the most beneficial practices you can do in a relationship. It involves a deep understanding of the importance of having lingam in yoni a lot of the time.

If you want to know more about Daily Devotion and keeping the spark alive in your relationship then ‘Sexaul Secrets for Men; What every Women will want her Man to know’  is a must read. Click Here to lean more….