Satisfy with tantra your partner on every level; body, heart and soul.

Up skill with tantra tips and practices.

Lessons for men and couples. Most men may know about the clitoris and the G-Spot and all the positions, how to pump well and about softness and gentleness in foreplay, but once they enter the yoni their old programs start to take over. They pump faster and their mind goes faster’I must not come too soon,’ ‘I must give her a good time so she’ll know I’m a good lover,’ ‘I must bring her to orgasm.’ The tension starts to build up, the movements start to build up, the breath starts to build up, there’s a lot of fast pumping, their eyes are shut and they are doing a good job. This is normal sex for most peoplephysical, hard sex. However, you can make a choice not to be normal in bed. You can choose to be extraordinary in bed. How? Let’s take a look at lovemaking from an energetic perspective, rather than the merely physical. Start to focus on the energetic exchange during lovemaking. — Once you focus on the energetic exchange a whole new set of possibilities appear for you to play with; you start to explore a new dimension of lovemaking with your beloved. I’m not suggesting it’s the only way to make love. I’m saying that if you add it to the range of ways you express your love, you will be a more extraordinary lover than the average man.