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Tantra skills you will learn and experience with Sapphire include: staying power, ejaculation control, tantric secrets for sexual virility, how to turn on your partner more, putting new spark into your relationship , internal orgasm, multiple orgasm ‘you will receive a sensual tantric massage, learn to give a tantric massage to help your woman enjoy more pleasure during sex and orgasm more frequently and turning sex into a sacred experience, in fact up-skill ing  in every area of your lovemaking; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

All  Perth Tantra sessions  are individualized to your particular needs ranging from general interest in learning tantra to deeper sexual issues.

From Mark: I was very anxious about going for a tantric awakening. it took weeks to pluck up the courage. 
So happy that I have. Sapphire is truly an amazing caring person. 
Relaxed me and sent me on my way with a blissful smile on my face.
Cannot wait for the next session no anxiety just anticipation to spend time and learn from this beautiful goddess.
About Perth Tantra with Sapphire

quote-icon-trans“I have studied naturopathy; Reiki and relaxation massage which I practice as well as being a fitness instructor. The Tantra goddess training has been a blessing for me. I’ve always had strong sexual energy and enjoyed good lovemaking on a physical level but Tantra has taken me beyond that and touched me on many levels; body, heart and soul.Call on 0430194940 for bookings.

Tantra has given me a way to embrace the goddess of love and sensuality in myself and importantly to be able to be that for you and to support you in practicing the art of tantric sex in your own love life. I am excited about sharing these tantric secrets and experiences with you. These tantric skills enable you to completely satisfy your partner, master ejaculation control and maintain erection strength naturally (without having to rely upon nasal sprays or pills). And for you to be able to take these skills back to the woman you love so that your love is stronger and deeper than ever before because Tantra is more than just the physical it will teach you what to do in order to have your woman feel more emotionally connected with you. And that’s what most women want! When she feels closer  to you she’s more sexually open to you. (A lot of men long for their partners to be more sexually loving). I’m looking forward to meeting you and sharing these practices with you.”

Tantra is a sexual and sacred way of loving. You will get to experience that in these Perth Tantra sessions with Sapphire. No previous experience in Tantra is necessary. This Tantra program has been tried and tested over 8 years with hundreds of clients referred by Tantra Education Australia. It’s not just theory it’s practical and it gets results. Men of so many backgrounds: yoga teachers, massage therapists, IT executives, trades people, doctors, men of all walks of life, but they all have a shared genuine interest and passion for love and intimacy. Learn with Perth Tantra Goddess Sapphire.


Perth Tantra Goddess Sessions with Sapphire

The Perth Tantra sessions include the internationally published best selling book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men- What every woman will want a man to know’ by Kerry Riley. You get the theory from the book but the real change happens in the all important 90 min tantric experience with Sapphire- the Perth Tantra Goddess. The focus being that you can take the things you learned away with you and use it. Your woman will be nourished on many levels and feel things most women long for and never experience AND you will feel good as a man for being able to provide such a fulfilling experience for her.

Sapphire has been certified as a Tantra Goddess in Perth with Tantra Education Australia Pty Ltd and recommended by the ‘Australian School of Tantra’ an institute with over 25 years experience in teaching tantra.


‘Sapphire is the most experienced Tantric practitioner in Perth and we highly recommend her.’

Kerry Riley,  Director, Australian School of Tantra


What Sapphire’s clients have to say:

I originally booked a session to find help to last longer, and I’ve learned a lot... READ MORE CLICK +

Layton, 36

“I wanted to give some feedback on my sessions with Sapphire to date. Earlier this year I split with my partner of 12 years, so I was a bit nervous initially going to session 1. Sapphire made me feel comfortable and relaxed not long after arriving. She is passionate and professional about her work so that was very reassuring. She has not only opened my mind to Tantra, but through her sessions has also made me feel comfortable about being single again. I originally booked a session to find help to last longer, and I’ve learned a lot in 2 sessions and am pleased I made the decision to make that 1st booking.”

I had known about Tantric practice for some while but had never tried them... READ MORE CLICK +

Martin, 48

“I had known about Tantric practice for some while but had never tried them. If only I had know how beneficial to my mind body and soul they were I’d have learnt it years ago.

I’m a single man and have been out of the game for a while, as after my divorce I was getting fed up with meaningless sex, but in the last year or so my libido was starting wane a little, so I decided to see a Tantric goddess, so this is when I met Sapphire, Tantric goddess, Perth. I am so glad that I did have the courage and chance to meet with her, as I found her to be very open and friendly from the word go.

As we have progressed through the Tantric sessions I have found that not only is my body starting to come back to life but also my feelings of self worth and confidence are returning in abundance, and I put this down to Sapphires great teaching skills because if I have any questions at all she is more than willing to answer them and guide me threw them.

Yes we’ve all had sex before but if we could all learn and practice these tantric skills the world would be so much better for it. If can practice this with a new partner in the future it’ll open so many more doors to a happy and a more fulfilling life. Thank you Sapphire I am honoured by your teachings.

Also thank you Kerry Riley for writing, Sexual Secrets for Men, as this book it’s very informative and inspirational.”

I came to the tantra Perth goddess because I feel a shell around my heart... READ MORE CLICK +

Harry, 61

He had been to the Vietnam War and had witnessed horrifying events and had experienced the pain of seeing some of his mates injured or killed on the battlefield. Here is what he said;

“I came to the tantra Perth goddess because I feel a shell around my heart, as if I’m always holding something back. I love my wife dearly and I wanted let go and be more intimate with her. I was told by another tantra massage lady that a lot of men have trouble expressing their feelings to their partner and know their partner wants more. She gave me a tantric massage.  BUT THAT DIDN’T HELP ME WITH MY PARTNER! I then saw Sapphire, Perth Tantra goddess on the web, and could see she offered so much more than a tantric massage and she was recommended by the Australian School of Tantra who I had seen on national television interview with ‘David and Kim’ on Tantric sex and again recently on SBS, ‘about men’ third episode ‘the getting of wisdom. I was impressed with their background and worldwide recognition with their tantric books and DVD’s and consultations. I thought I’m 61 I need to do something; I’ll give it a go.

Also it’s a bit embarrassing to say I was having trouble maintaining my erection (ED). I’d get excited OK but then I start to lose strength while making love. I have tried Viagra and the like but it felt false and I didn’t want to be on pills for the rest of my life.

Sapphire  guided me though a practice called ‘turning sex into making love’ I had a break through, in my mind I didn’t have much faith it would happen but the experience when my heart opened astounded me. It’s like a weight has been lighted and the suggestions she gave me to use with my wife has made a huge difference to us. During the tantra course we also did some tantric massage but more importantly she taught me how to do it on my wife, to turn her on.

The next tantra session was a tantra skill to lift my virility and a tantra practice I could do for erection strength. It took a couple of weeks but “I’M BACK!” I honestly had given up on that one; I thought it was Viagra forever. NOT SO! – The main tantric skill that I learned in session three was the valley orgasm. I learned to orgasm but not loose semen. It sounded unbelievable until I experienced it. More importantly I mastered it in my lovemaking with my wife, I don’t lose my energy and my ejections have come back as strong as ever. (Same as the wife expressed on SBS about the difference it made for her husband and her enjoyment in having his sexual attention again.)

My thanks to Sapphire, my Perth Tantra goddess.”

The first session gave me the skills to last as long as I chose... READ MORE CLICK +

Alex, 35

“I’m a massage therapist and 35 years old, very fit physically and thoroughly enjoy spiritual pursuits also- meditation, yoga, tai chi etc. I’ve had a lot of sexual experience with women and went along to Tantra in Perth to see what it had to offer. I’d read an article in Ralph magazine about these exact tantra sessions, I decided to attend. I had Tantra consultation time on the phone and a good preparation for what would happen in the tantra course. It was a three session program but I only committed to one session to see if I liked it. I’d already had been to see another tantric practitioner who did some breathing and chakra touching a meditation, all of which I had experienced before in classes much cheaper than I paid for her tantra for men sessions. So I was weary. I wanted to learn and experience tantra so I could use it practically in my love making.

I can only describe my experience with Sapphire as awesome. The first session gave me the skills to last as long as I chose, (I was already OK with that but nothing like the control I have now.) But the thing that moved me the most was the feelings I experienced in my heart and the experience of being totally present, in the moment. Not performing to get my lover to come but totally there. Sapphire was sexy and the experience was sacred at the same time. In session three, the valley orgasm, I felt a good connection with Sapphire, the trust had grown over the two weeks and I felt totally safe and looked after. She took me into a place of bliss; I never felt so centered, relaxed and connected before, she then shared with me on then how to use these skills with my partners. I’ve decided I don’t want partners any more. I want a loving partner to go on this discovery with me.

Thanks so much Sapphire.”

What a fabulous experience, I was so surprised that I learnt so much more from Sapphire that I had ever...READ MORE CLICK +

Claus, 35

“Thanks Sapphire for the great sessions. Being familiar with tantra and having had quite a few tantric session in Germany and Denmark and in New York, I was curious to what an Australian Goddess has to offer. What a fabulous experience, I was so surprised that I learnt so much more from Sapphire that I had ever had in any other tantric session anywhere else in the world. What she connected in me made so much sense and the skills really worked for me. I was able to move the sexual energy through my body and into my heart. It wasn’t just thinking about it and imagining it happening, but I felt it so strongly. Great!!!”

I was surprised just how much I learnt in the first session with Tantric goddess Sapphire... READ MORE CLICK +

Frederick, 45

“I was surprised just how much I learnt in the first session with Tantric goddess Sapphire. The spreading of sexual energy through my body was a delight and I felt the energy for days afterwards. Previously I had practised some Taoist methods for riding the sensual peaks and so I assimilated the tantric methods easily. I feel so much more relaxed when I ask a lovely lady out because of the skills I learnt. I can keep in the present moment and enjoy.

Thank you Sapphire!”

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