Melbourne Tantra can help with Men’s Sex Issues,

The major men’s sex issues our Melbourne tantra male clients want to be helped with are:

  1. Ejaculation Control: It’s very disappointing for me if they ejaculate before their partner is ready, and of course frustrating for her. Most men have never been shown any skills to control yet there are proven Tantric techniques a man can learn that will definitely help with this issue. For example, strengthening the PC muscle, breathing practises, taking the energy in the sex region to the heart chakra, focusing on the out stroke, keeping his mind in the present, not focusing on performance and end results.
  2. Maintaining Erection strength and virility: Another common men’s sex issue is about erection.  It’s embarrassing and devastating for a man when he can’t get an erection or looses strength during intercourse and can’t continue. Fortunately, there are Tantric skills a man can learn to help with this. Men will sometimes take Viagra, or the like, which assures most of an erection, however there are often side effects and more importantly by chemically inducing an erection, most men then force themselves to ejaculate even though they may not feel like it. The Taoist sexologist puts tremendous strain on the whole body and thus draining his virility. There are Tantric that in fact can increase virility and thus erection strength, for example, pelvic floor exercises, non-ejaculation practises, and learning to absorb Shakti in regular intercourse and daily devotion.
  3. Putting New Spark into their relationship and Loving: Couples get into the habit of doing the same thing in sex because it gets results, but it also gets repetitive. No new life force is injected into their loving. Tantra offers numerous ways of making love, you simply need to expand the ways you make love.
  4. Their partner has lost her desire: This can often happen after child birth or after menopause. Tantra teaches that the way to a woman’s sex is not necessarily through the vagina and clitoris but through the heart. As a man you need to learn a woman’s waters – through attention (not just in bed), through appreciation, through talk and listening, and through lovemaking that touches her not just through touching but emotionally and spiritually.