The Tantric interplay of the male and female energies was represented in Hindu mythology with Shakti and Shiva, and represented in Taoism with yin and yang. Both Tantra and Taoism aimed to create union of body, mind and spirit. And in both, sexuality was seen and practised in a spiritual context.

The shakti represents the divine feminine energy and the shiva represents the divine masculine energy within me. In Hindu mythology it is written that through sexual union we can unite these two forces of the universe, the shakti and the shiva, and have a tangible experience of the divine. One prevailing Hindu belief is that if you expressed the divinity within your loving union then you would manifest divinity in all aspects of your life. Another Hindu belief is that men and women are channels for God and Goddess. The way for a man to evoke this for himself is to treat his beloved as a goddess.


Extract From Sexual Secrets For Men by Kerry Riley ©