Tantra Teachers Kerry and Diane Riley

Established for over 25years Tantra and Sacred Sex Programs created byTantra Teachers Kerry and Diane Riley, Internationally recognised tantra teachers, authors, innovators. Responsible for introducing ‘How to Tantra’  lessons and Tantric Goddess work to Australia. All Tantric Goddesses on this site are highly experienced, have taken extensive training.

Kerry and Diane are the directors of the Australian School of Tantra,

the leading and most recognised Tantric Training School in Australia. They have been practicing and teaching tantra in Australia for over 30 years and are the longest serving Tantra teachers in Australia. Kerry and Diane Riley have an incredible legacy having trained many of the currently practicing Tantric Goddesses in Australia. If you are interested in the serious art and practice of real Tantra, which has the capacity to transform lives, then this is the place to be. Our Tantric Goddesses are all conscientiously trained according to our strict guidelines and principles, and will be able to offer you both an incredible experience, as well as training you will be able to take with you into your life.