The Secrets To A Women’s Orgasm

Extract from Sexual Secrets For Men by Kerry Riley

Every man would like to know the secret to giving his woman the best orgasm she has ever had. In fact you can’t give a woman the orgasm as her orgasm belongs to her, but what you can do is give her every possible chance of creating it with you.

Once your partner orgasms readily through Jewel Honouring, you are ready to experiment with the sexual secrets. The techniques are quite advanced and will work most successfully for a woman with whom you have been in a sexual relationship for quite some time because then you know her sexual responses well enough to do what is necessary at the right time and she has enough trust in you to let herself go to this level of orgasmic release.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Her Orgasm

Having the goal of achieving the longest and deepest orgasm ever can create a lot of performance pressure for both of you if you focus only on the goal. However, throughout the book I have talked about being in the present moment, stopping and enjoying what you are doing right now and not always focusing on the goal. So when you are using these techniques remember to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Goals can be fun if you have this attitude. The positive side of having sexual goals is that they can give you and your partner something to look forward to in the future, so you won’t become bored with your lovemaking. There is always more to explore.

How To Give A Woman A Better Orgasm

As you try these advanced techniques be careful not to put pressure on yourself or your partner or to give up and become disillusioned because it hasn’t happened the way you thought it might. Remember there are always challenges in life, always problems to work through. It’s the same with your lovemaking. So as you try these techniques for deeper and longer orgasms just think of it as part of your journey together into the extraordinary and have fun with it.


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