“No Mind” And Loving

Sexual ecstasy happens when you are so thoroughly absorbed in the richness of the present moment that nothing else exists.

What happens for most couples when they make love is that there are four ‘people’ present, not two; you and your thoughts and
your partner and her thoughts and those thoughts very often are not on the moment. When you are both focusing on the breath
and the energy, both minds are attuned. It is possible to have an experience of being one body, one mind or one breath. The
techniques of breath focus and mind focus are very effective in creating a joint meditative experience.

How To Be A Better Lover

In advanced stages of meditation, you achieve a ‘no mind’ state no program, no rehearsal, no goal, totally being in the present
moment. The more familiar you are with the meditative lovemaking experience, the easier it becomes to bring it naturally into
your everyday lovemaking, without constantly thinking about techniques.

If, while making love, you are aware that your mind is focusing on performance and result and not on the present moment, then
you have the techniques to get you back into the present moment. Once you are in that moment again, forget the techniques,
relax, let the breathing be slow and gentle and go with the flow of energy that is naturally happening. Don’t force anything. Don’t
think about it, just let it happen. Don’t be goal-oriented, but be in the here and now as much as possible. Enjoy the meeting of
the two bodies or two souls and melt into each other. If you find the mind drifting again or focusing on the result, gently bring it
back with your breath. Then be totally present again, feeling every sensation, every touch, every subtle movement of energy that

In practicing lovemaking as a meditation, you will go through four stages that normally occur when learning something new.


Extract from Sexual Secrets For Men” what every woman will want her man to know by Kerry Riley © Protected.