Is There Anything Wrong With a Quickie?

Extract from Sexual Secrets For Men by Kerry Riley
Men often want to ‘have a quickie’ without worrying about bringing their partner to an organism first. It can be exhausting.

It is often a good idea to make a ‘quickie’ part of the lovemaking repertoire that you share with your beloved. If you are both wanting to open more to love and sexuality, you can set up a situation where one night your woman fulfils any requests that you have and you do the same for her. A ‘quickie’ might be your request. Your beloved, out of her love for you, honours your request, even though she might not gain any pleasure from it at that moment.
The point is not to concentrate only on long lovemaking periods, but to broaden your range. I liken it to a varied diet. You may savour a long, sit-down, well-prepared meal, but a quick snack on the run can be tasty, too. Ejaculation control gives you the choice.

Ejaculation Control

Another benefit of ejaculation control is that you have more time to absorb the woman’s Shakti. This Shakti, a woman’s energetic essence, which is explained in detail in Chapter Nine, can empower you, rejuvenate you and heal you. Some men are afraid of losing energy through ejaculation and some feel drained after they come. However it is my experience that if you stay in your woman for at least one hour, you don’t lose energy when you ejaculate because by then you’ve absorbed the female essence. By being inside your woman for that length of time you can energetically and psychically absorb this regenerative essence and so balance any loss through ejaculation.

You don’t need to pump for the whole sixty minutes. You need to know the secrets of how to fully absorb the essence.

For more information on lovemaking and ejaculation control check out Kerry’s Book Sexual Secrets for  Men.