How To Last Longer in BedHow To Last Longer In Bed

Extract from Sexual Secrets for Men by Kerry Riley

Techniques for ejaculation control are described in great detail in Taoist and Tantric texts from ancient China and India respectively, and although the information is fantastic, it is often so complicated with detail, Chinese terminology or Hindu methodology that it is difficult to read and understand.

Unless you have a background in Chinese medicine or have researched that particular culture, it is often quite difficult to put the techniques into practice. In my earlier studies I fell into the trap of getting so caught up in mastering the skills and understanding the philosophy that even though I found myself becoming a great performer, there was something missing. The experience was often on the surface and was more concerned with technique than loving.

My intention is to keep the techniques and terms as simple as I can so that the practice becomes more important than the understanding of the terminology. However, as simplified as I can make it, I don’t want to mislead you into believing that these skills will work for you the first time you try them. As with learning any other skill, you need to practise before you can do it easily. In the early stages, your mind can be focused on getting it right but once you master the practices, things flow, just like learning to dance. It’s a mind and body skill, not just mental concentration of will power.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Some of you will try the skills and get results immediately, especially those of you who have some understanding of working with energy in your body through yoga, tai chi, massage or dance. However, I have taught these techniques to hundreds of men with no background in these areas with great results. To master the skills takes some training. It’s common sense that if you practise something regularly, you get better at it more quickly.

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