spice up the bedroom

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Spice up the bedroom

If someone wants to be a great musician, singer or engineer, they do not rely only on their own knowledge so to many people say they need to spice up the bedroom.. They will seek the best sources of education available. The same is true for lovers who want the best. The emphasis on individualism in our society, on ‘doing your own thing’, can work against relationship. Many couples who have gone off on their own personal growth paths separately from each other often find it difficult to integrate that individual growth in a supportive way in their relationships and marriage. I’m not suggesting that personal growth work should not be done. It is most important, but if you have done a lot of that, it’s time to create a balance between your individual needs and the needs of your relationship as a whole.

Need some extra skills to spice up the bedroom?

WE will introduce many essentials to spice up the bedroom over the next few weeks. So here is our first instalment.


How can you vary your routine ?

You can do this by varying the ways you make love. When I suggest varying the ways you make love, many people assume I mean to vary the positions or the ways you can have intercourse or the place where you do it. However, I don’t mean simply changing the positions, although it is enjoyable to do that.

Changing the place where you make love is important, too. After you have been in a relationship for some time you often adopt one favourite position and make love in the same place. When your love-making becomes routine or mechanical you don’t bother to make love in the kitchen or loungeroom any more.

Use a disruptor! Lets start with the place you usually make love… your bedroom. remember at the beginning of your relationship you may have made love in the car, on the stairs, in the kitchen … where ever?

Don’t use too busy.. too much work… the kids… as a way out of using your creativity to spice up the bedroom… by changing your location of love making. We are creatures of habits, and we let our priorities change and think that its normal when I suggest to you that we get very lazy with our intimate relationships.

Take a moment and think ahead, perhaps you can organise an extra cushion of two to be at arms reach before you make that cuddle move on your partner in the lounge room, verandah, or kitchen. Think what love prompts you may need, surprise your partner!

More tips to spice up the bedroom coming soon!

…Invite each other for a lovemaking date… what do you need?