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Ejaculation Control

How To Last Longer In Bed Extract from Sexual Secrets for Men by Kerry Riley Techniques for ejaculation control are described in great detail in Taoist and Tantric texts from ancient China and India respectively, and although the information is fantastic, it is often... read more

Positive Communication

POSITIVE COMMUNICATION Excerpt from Sexual Secrets for Men: What every woman will want her man to know One of the common problems in marriage is that often each of us feels we are not being appreciated enough for what we do, yet this is often because we forget to... read more

Tantric Hindu

Tantric Hindu Teachings Your sexuality is not only a vehicle to exploring more love, it is also a vehicle for you to find a spiritual path. It is valuable to set aside special times to treat your lovemaking as a spiritual practice. Meditation, prayer, ritual and... read more

Healthy Tantric Sex

Do you have a healthy attitude towards sex? Having a healthy attitude towards lovemaking makes all the difference to the experience. You can be in exactly the same lovemaking position as someone else but ultimately it’s the mind that creates the experience. If... read more

Tantra & Your Spirit

When you are in heightened orgasmic states, this is a spiritual experience. A mystical state itself is not easy to describe and yet anyone who has had the experience can recognise it. People describe certain common elements in such an experience things like a sense of... read more

A History of Tantra

A history of LoveMaking ‘ Retaining his seed by proficiency in the Art of Love, the Emperor concentrates powers within. Then, at the full moon, he bestows his seed on the Queen of Heaven.’ It is written in the ancient texts of China and India that it was... read more