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Come and explore Tantric Brisbane sessions with Stella

quote-icon-transAfter studying psychology, massage, sexuality and tantra  and gaining experience and insight into minds, habits, needs and desires of people from different backgrounds and walks of life I can see a strong need in our community for a deeper passion and intimacy in relationships and for a stronger connection to the heart and soul in everyday lives.My research and curiosity led me to discovering Tantra which addresses and solves many issues faced by men, women and couples, all over the world.”

“I am a passionate Tantric practitioner and educator. Drawing on my extensive experience with meditation, yoga, reiki and spiritual arts, I guide my clients with care, warmth and loving compassion on their Tantric path. I am a graduate with the Australian School of Tantra and teach a three-session program that has been developed for more than ten years, teaching hundreds of clients. You can be confident it will get the results you are after.

I enjoy working with men who want to be the best lover and partner they can; for their partner. You will learn the skills to be truly present with your woman, to master your masculine energy, to control ejaculation and to experience multiple orgasms (just like your partner can) without necessarily losing semen; and to enjoy the “Valley” and Full Body orgasm.


“These secrets and more will increase your virility and health, and open your heart to be the loving partner that most women long for. Tantra has completely changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. It turned my life upside down and gave me a sense of immense bliss, serenity, joy and satisfaction.

After learning the Tantra skills I will teach you (and have you experience), you will have a big chance of being able to take your partner / or a lover to this awakening also. Wouldn’t that be great!

It all sounds unlikely? Well you’ll never truly know until you try!”