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Hi I’m Emma and I am your Tantra Brisbane Sex expert and highly qualified to teach you amazing Tantric Arts.

After just one Tantra session you will be able to share your new skills with your partner and improve your performance.
After two sessions you can satisfy her on every level: body heart and soul. After three sessions you will have a mind blowing experience of Tantric Massage, plus learn how to give one.

Knowing the Arts of Tantra you can up skill, and become the lover your woman would love to be with.  You will last longer in the bedroom, gain even more confidence, become  part of the 1%  of men who know these amazing skills.

  Learn how to satisfy your woman on all levels: body heart and soul.

“In the tantra lessons I not only teach sexual skill to you, but just as importantly how to be in a heart-fest place with your lover. Allowing you to focus more on making love, than on the fear of loss of erection strength, or ejaculation control; that’s what a woman craves for in her man!”

I have the Tantric techniques to address most areas in Men’s sexuality:  last longer in the bedroom, become a fabulous lover and give your partner much more pleasure, in fact up-skilling in every area of their lovemaking; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I  practice meditation as part of her daily ritual to self growth and expansion and am a qualified remedial therapist, counsellor, coach and Lomi Lomi Bodyworker.

Here are some testimonials from clients of  the Tantra Goddess Sessions around Australia:

Choose one appropriate to your interest to get further insight into the value of taking a Tantra session with me, or read about other issues or experiences here.