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Private Tantric Lessons for Men

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Sydney Tantra Goddess Lyla, has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years and has been a qualified massage therapist for the past 10 years. She is a creative woman with a passionate, nurturing and sensual nature.

Sydney Tantra Goddess Lyla:


I simply love the  Sydney Tantric Massage and Tantra Coaching program for men.

My clients come into my private sanctuary for 90 mins for each session.  And they leave with the knowledge and experience that most men have no idea about.

How to gather their male vitality and feel it move through their entire body. How to gather that force and energy for their well being and energy. They learn how to enhance and share that with their own partners for a heightened exchange of love and passion.

Sydney Tantra Goddess

If you’re in a relationship, don’t give up if your sexual life with your current partner is lacking. I can show you how to get her turned on again (see testimonials on exactly that under the heading ‘got my partner interested in sex again’ . I love that I can connect with guys and help them bring out the often hidden and suppressed sexual side in their woman.  If you have broken up a relationship and you want to up skill your love making and abilities and gain more confidence with a new partner then I guarantee that will happen for you over the 3 sessions.”

“If you really want to develop this level of love making or even just improve what is happening now then I’m looking forward to teaching you these skills and sharing this experience with you.”

Sydney Tantra Goddess


What others has to say about Sydney Tantra Goddess Lyla,

Sydney Tantra Goddess Lyla certainly has a magic about her. When the session started she explained how tantric practices could assist me with my concerns of feeling my own pleasure. I’ve always focused more on my partner and some times after a wonderful love time I would feel a bit dissatisfied. Although my partner was very sensual and giving. Lyla guided me in tantric skills to broaden and deepen my own  physical sensations.  I was amazed when I practiced with my own lover my pleasure amplified from 80% to 125%! Not kidding!!

Thank you Lyla


Brad 36 years, Sydney.

Our sex life has started to die...
I was nervous about seeing a Tantra Goddess, but whatever else I had tried wasn’t working...

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