Lotus currently in on study leave in the US. We suggest you meet our other Sydney Tantra Goddess Rachel who is also trained in advanced sessions and highly recommended. Rachel is the only Tantra goddess trained in 2 ADVANCED SESSIONS.
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Sydney Tantra: to learn and experience Tantra with Lotus will be a transformative experience for you. Over the 3 sessions, you will have the opportunity to bathe in a number of pleasures such as: connecting more to your masculine energy; developing your sexual virility or your control skills so you can last much longer. Allowing you to focus more on making love than on fear of loss of erection strength or finishing before you want to. You will learn the skills of tantric lovemaking and tantra massage suitable for beginners to advanced.

All sessions are individualised to your particular needs ranging from general interest in learning Tantra, to deeper sexual issues.

quote-icon-transSydney Tantra with Lotus

I have been a healer for a number of years with experience in; energetic bodywork, massage, meditation and yoga, therefore when I discovered Tantra, it was the perfect way to combine healing, sensuality and sexuality.

Over the Sydney tantra sessions, you will have the opportunity to bathe in a number of pleasures such as: connecting more to your masculine energydeveloping your sexual virility or your ejaculation control skills so you can last much longer. Allowing you to focus more on making love than on fear of loss of erection strength or ejaculating before you want to.

However Tantra is much more than the physical, it will teach you how to feel more connected and intimate with your partner. To really let go and feel love in all its purest and sensual forms. ‘That’s what every woman craves for in her man‘.

You will also experience the power of receiving, calming the mind, surrendering to the moment, and you will learn many sexual treats to share with your lover. Including giving and receiving a Tantric massage.

I intend our sessions together to be filled with warmth, passion, and sensuality. You will find that the integration of spirit, heart and sexuality will be a wondrously sacred, moving experience for you….. and me!

I invite you to be looked after in a sumptuous experience for the senses; delicate scents and sacred energy – absorbing and filling yourself with renewed energy. Afterwards you can return to your partner, or look forward to a new lover, carrying the energy evoked and nurtured during the sessions, and using the skills you have learnt, to satisfy your partner more deeply on all levels.

You need not have had any experience in Tantra.  I see men or couples can learn and experience the benefits of tantric lovemaking and tantra massage. My clients are beginners to advance. I look forward to sharing and guiding you through the tantric secrets for men.

Sydney Tantra

Sydney Tantra Goddess Sessions with Lotus

The testimonials and journalist’s articles attest to the program’s credibility and practical application for any man, of any age. It’s my pleasure to invite you to have this Tantra experience with me, to make a real difference in your love-life.

You will leave feeling freed and invigorated, eager to share what you have discovered with your partner, or just treasure it to yourself, until your next beloved comes your way.”


What Lotus’s Sydney Tantra clients have to say:

I used this tantra skills with my girl friend, she said she could really feel the love...

I had a tantric massage before in Melbourne and enjoyed it, but I wanted to know more about Tantra and how to use it with my girlfriend. I listened to the Pre-talk on the Tantra Sessions offered on Tantra Goddess Directory – and found it was not just Tantra massage. In the sessions I especially liked the connection I got with the Tantra Practitioner, she really showed me how to turn sex into making love.

I used this tantra skill with my girlfriend, she said she could really feel my love, and she didn’t feel I was pushing her to orgasm; in fact her orgasm was stronger! Then I gave her a tantric massage experience I had learned. So, now we can give a tantric massage to each other. Not just me lying on the massage table receiving stimulation. Tantra massage is part of our love making now, and we have so many new tantra practices I use during intercourse: control skills, heart skills and skills to keep me in the “now”, not performing, and tantra skills to turn her on more. These tantra sessions are so much more than Tantra Massage. Thank you!

I'm incredibly thankful to Lotus. I gained so much more confidence. She is a true goddess...

“I was quite shy and came across Lotus at a point in my life where I wanted to learn more about my sexuality. I wanted more confidence with women and in myself as a lover and explore the potential of what the Australian School of Tantra offers. I immediately felt comfortable with Lotus and with each session surrendered more to her healing touch. She guided me gently and lovingly and helped me overcome some fears and increased my self-esteem. I am amazed at the power of my experiences especially with the valley orgasm and I’m incredibly thankful to Lotus. She is a true Goddess!” Nic – 2102

Tantra sessions with Lotus were extremely empowering for me as a man...

I had an experience of Tantra before, so I knew some of its benefits. What was distinguishing about being with Lotus is you could feel the sensual energy shooting through her body while she was in my arms in the Tantra position. It was extremely empowering for me as a man to experience that and yet be able to handle that amount of excitement through the techniques she had shown me.

Then to be able to take that energy into my heart and feel that was new for me. With a partner in the past, I’d just focus on the physical – I didn’t know what I had been missing out on and I could see what my partner was on about when she would often say ‘ I don’t feel we are connecting on deeper levels, it’s just sexual’. I know what to do now that I have been taught these new skills.

Lotus made me feel so relaxed right from the beginning. I felt no pressure to perform, it just happened so naturally. In fact my mind shut down and I felt totally in the moment with her. A beautiful experience and it has added so much to the ways I make love. If you are thinking about giving Tantra a try, I totally recommend Lotus as a wonderful woman to be with and learn these skills. Sean, 2011.

I had heard talk about tantric orgasm for men but didn't think it was possible...

I had a most amazing experience with Lotus in the third session I did with her. I didn’t think it was possible for a man to be able to have multiple orgasmic experiences, and at the end orgasm similar to a woman with no loss of semen! Yet totally relaxed and energised at the same time. It happened for me! Afterwards she explained to me how to do that in a lovemaking experience with my partner during normal intercourse. My partner and I had split up for 3 months and were giving it another go. I needed to up skill in my ability to satisfy her and I’ve learnt so much. AWESOME! Thankyou Lotus. Kyle, 2011.



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