Perth Tantric Sex

Perth Tantric Sex Lessons

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Perth Tantric Sex

As a man you will experience and learn about  Perth Tantric Sex and about how to receive and to give a tantric massage .

I have been guiding and assisting men to  learn the skills of Tantric Sex over 8 years in Perth.  I love what I do and how appreciative my clients are!

I believe that there is a new man in the world today, one who wants to experience sex at its full potential, who desires to make love in such a way that it opens doors to the greatest pleasure and joy for his partner and for himself and fulfills his deepest yearning. This new aware, man is realises the importance  of learning much more about love, sex and relationships that we are given in our society. He is becoming more conscious of the centrality of these matters in his life, and he wants to learn all there is about lovemaking. yes there is very little good education available on how to become a good, a great lover.

Perth Tantric sex lessons will assist and support you with; opening up to more pleasure than ever thought possible!   Moving beyond regular orgasm to mastering multi orgasm, and to Taoist orgasm. Plus Tantric sex lessons can also teach you to say good bye to  premature ejaculation or  difficulty with orgasm.


About Perth Tantric Sex  lessons with Sapphire

Perth Tantra Goddess Sessions with Sapphire

The Perth Tantra sessions include the internationally published best selling book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men- What every woman will want a man to know’ by Kerry Riley. You get the theory from the book but the real change happens in the all important 90 min tantric experience with Sapphire- the Perth Tantra Goddess. The focus being that you can take the things you learned away with you and use it. Your woman will be nourished on many levels and feel things most women long for and never experience AND you will feel good as a man for being able to provide such a fulfilling experience for her.

Sapphire has been certified as a Tantra Goddess in Perth with Tantra Education Australia Pty Ltd and recommended by the ‘Australian School of Tantra’ an institute with over 25 years experience in teaching tantra.


‘Sapphire is the most experienced Tantric practitioner in Perth and we highly recommend her.’

Kerry Riley,  Director, Australian School of Tantra


What Sapphire’s clients have to say:

I originally booked a session to find help to last longer, and I’ve learned a lot... READ MORE CLICK +


I took the two-session programme with Sapphire  It was just fabulous from beginning to end.

I managed to move the sexual energy to my heart and I felt open and in my feelings for the first time. My previous girlfriend was always complaining how I was too controlled and not open in my heart. I know what she was meaning now. I could feel the effect for the next two days.

I was given 3 different Tantra exercises to do through the week to help with ejaculation control and read ‘Tantric Secrets for Men’ to prepare more for the next session.

Ejaculation control was an issue for me and this session was to experience how the Tantric skills worked. I wish I’d learned them in my 20’s. Then the valley orgasm at the end was amazing. I guess I went into one o the highest places I have ever been, and I didn’t lose my seed or my energy.

Id read about orgasm without ejaculation and multiple orgasm for men.  Sapphire was wonderful.

Thank you so much.

I had known about Tantric practice for some while but had never tried them... READ MORE CLICK +

Jeremy, 48

“After a difficult break up, I had lost a bit of confidence.   I met Sapphire, Tantric goddess, Perth. I am so glad that I did have the courage and  take a chance to meet with her. It was the best gift I could have given myself. .

As we have progressed through the Perth Tantric Sex  sessions I have found my confidence  returned quickly and this spilled over into my life so that when I was forming a new relationship I new I had some thing a bit different to offer and it really worked.

Also thank you Kerry Riley for writing, Sexual Secrets for Men, as this book it’s very informative and inspirational.”

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