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Tantric Gosford Magnolia

 Tantric Gosford – NewCastle Goddess Magnolia Private Tantric Lessons for Men Call Jess on 0430194940  to book a session with Tantric Gosford Goddess Magnolia Tantric Gosford New Castle  Goddess , Magnolia is a fun loving, sensitive, and caring woman who has a... read more

Tantra Sydney Goddess Rachel

Sydney Tantra Goddess Private Tantric Lessons for Men Call Jess on 0430194940  to book a session with Sydney Tantra Goddess Rachel Sydney Tantra Goddess Rachel, has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years and has been a qualified massage therapist for the... read more

South Coast Tantra Goddess Samar

South Coast Tantra Goddess Samar Private Tantric Lessons for Men Special price for until October 30th. $225 (normally $285) South coast Tantra Goddess Samar has been practicing and teaching tantric yoga for over 20 years and she most deeply loves nature regularly... read more

Sex Tip: Sex into Making Love

Sex Tip: Turn Sex into Making Love One of the greatest sex tip secrets I can share with you is to the technique of  ‘taking it to the heart’ because this opens you more to love. Like most men, I have no trouble feeling sexually excited while lovemaking.... read more

Ralph Magazine

Staying Power Adult Content Ahead! And I mean it! Ralph Journalist tests the Tantra Goddess Sessions: ” I started out in a mocking frame of mind and ended up being rather taken-aback and later quite impressed. The mixed-up tone of this is an accurate reflection... read more

Lovemaking as Meditation

~ Lovemaking as Meditation ~ How can LoveMaking be meditation? In meditation the mind is given something to focus on sometimes the breath, sometimes a candle flame, sometimes a mantra, a sound you repeat over and over to yourself. These are all techniques to calm the... read more