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Ralph Magazine

Staying Power Adult Content Ahead! And I mean it! Ralph Journalist tests the Tantra Goddess Sessions: ” I started out in a mocking frame of mind and ended up being rather taken-aback and later quite impressed. The mixed-up tone of this is an accurate reflection... read more

Lovemaking as Meditation

~ Lovemaking as Meditation ~ How can LoveMaking be meditation? In meditation the mind is given something to focus on sometimes the breath, sometimes a candle flame, sometimes a mantra, a sound you repeat over and over to yourself. These are all techniques to calm the... read more

Say Yes To Sex

When Did You Last Say No To Sex? As life goes on and we get busier with work, kids and living day to day couples often find they do not have time for each other and especially not sex. As with work and kids keeping the spark in your relationship requires time and... read more

Ejaculation Control

How To Last Longer In Bed Extract from Sexual Secrets for Men by Kerry Riley Techniques for ejaculation control are described in great detail in Taoist and Tantric texts from ancient China and India respectively, and although the information is fantastic, it is often... read more