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Tantric Brisbane

Tantric Brisbane Sessions with Stella Come and explore Tantric Brisbane sessions with Stella Booking & Costs After studying psychology, massage, sexuality and tantra  and gaining experience and insight into minds, habits, needs and desires of people from different... read more

Sydney Tantric Massage

Sydney Tantric Massage Goddess Lyla Private Tantric Lessons for Men Call Sylvia on 0430194940  to book a session with Sydney Tantra Goddess Lyla Sydney Tantra Goddess Lyla, has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years and has been a qualified massage... read more

Toowoomba Tantric Massage

Toowoomba Tantric Goddess Alli Private Tantric Sexuality Lessons for Men For booking and inquires call 0430194940 Toowoomba Tantric Massage and Sexuality Goddess Alli’s  professional background has predominately in the sensuality area. She is an erotic masseuse... read more

Hobart Tantric Sex

Hobart Tantric sex Private Lessons in Hobart Tantric Sex for Men Elle is offering the Hobart Tantric Sexuality Program. Booking & Costs “ I offer Hobart Tantric Sex program and  have studied many aspects of Sacred Sexuality and holistic therapies over the last 15... read more

Gold Coast Tantra

Gold Coast Tantra Goddess Carman Private Tantric Sex Lessons for Men Booking & Costs Gold Coast Tantra Goddess, Carmen… I’m enjoying being able to offer Gold Coast Tantra sexuality sessions and lessons. Originally I have an extensive background as a... read more

Love Mandala

Tantric Love mandala ” What I’m going to share with you experience I consider the diamond in the Lotus of my work”. Human love Mandala Kerry and Diane Riley are principals of the Australian School of Tantra. Between them they have trained over 200 professional... read more

Tantra Sydney Advanced Lessons

Tantra Sydney Advanced Lessons Do you want to know more, experience the advanced tantra lessons in Sydney with Rachel. You will learn the deep power of the masculine while experiencing extraordinary tantric whole body energy. Once your have experienced the complete... read more

Nurturing Relationship

Nurturing Relationship Close loving relationships provide the potential for the highest lovemaking possible. It is worth nurturing relationship if you want to open up more possibilities in the area of your lovemaking, because as your relationship grows closer, your... read more

What is Tantric massage

What is tantric massage? Tantric massage for lovers Tantric Massage is an erotic, sensual experience. Surrendering to pleasure for pleasure’s sake and learning to be totally immersed in deep states of relaxation whilst building sexual energy (peaks or waves) through... read more